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Christmas Decorations


New look decorations at Ocean Terminal will transform the entire centre into a sparkling, icicle-hung  Christmas grotto.


The 2013 Christmas look will be both stylish and fun – just what you’d expect from Ocean Terminal. Huge light filled stalactites will hang from the balconies and ceilings through the centre, giant red Christmas tree decorations and spectacular chandeliers will fill the roof space and a fabulous glittering 6.5 metre Christmas tree will form the backdrop for Santa Claus’ traditional grotto.


At Ocean Terminal we’ve always believed in mixing  tradition with state of the art technology, looking good but providing the sort of fun that makes Christmas special for kids...and the grown -ups.


Look forward to something special this Christmas. We’re so pleased with the designs for the decorations that we’re planning a bit of party when we pull the switch. So look out for your invitation!

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