Discover Just Braw in the Scottish Design Exchange
Discover Just Braw in the Scottish Design Exchange

Discover Just Braw in the Scottish Design Exchange

Of the three languages of Scotland, Scots is the one that captures most people’s imagination. Gaelic might well have been the language spoken in the Garden of Eden, but it remains a mystery to many of us. And English, well, it’s just a bit common place.


But Scots. Now you’re talking. Bairn, bauchle and blether – and that’s just some B words. Scots is rich, intriguing and expressive. In the past Scots may have been mocked, repressed and taken for granted, but as residents and visitors alike look upon our culture with interest and respect, Scots has a new spring in its step.


Fiona Robertson has harnessed the energy and life of the Scots tongue and packaged it for a contemporary audience. If language is about identity and personal history, her products draw on even deeper emotional sources,


‘My most recent work comes from my appreciation of Scots nursery rhymes. These rhymes go back a long way. And yet they’re alive and relevant. You still hear them in playgroups and playgrounds. They’re part of peoples’ lives as well as part of the language and lore of the country.


‘I’d never seen these rhymes on products before and given that they are part of so many peoples’ memories and family culture it seemed a logical development.’


Fiona has a degree in Art and Design but much of the stimulus for the company came from hands on creative play with her four children as they were growing up. The inspiration continues through the next generation as fresh ideas spring out of play with her new grandchildren.


The business evolved through building up a range of products and selling them through fares, markets and on-line.  But Fiona is excited by being part of the Scottish Design Exchange at Ocean Terminal.


‘I now have an opportunity to show my work to a much wider range of customers. The staff at the Design Exchange have given me lots of feedback and that has given me the confidence to develop new product lines.’


The products range across prints, household and personal items.  The colours and bold shapes reflect Matisse collages as much as more Caledonian influences.  Where possible the materials used are sourced locally and there is much collaboration with other artists.


The business won’t be standing still. Fiona has a soft spot for her Ally Bally Bee products and is looking forward to bringing out a new line of baby suits featuring the iconic rhyme. 


For the happit bairn.