Valentine’s Gifts – Weekly Wishlist

This week we’ve given over the Weekly Wishlist to Valentine’s gifts. Yep, it’s that day again – this Saturday in case you had forgotten – and if you haven’t yet bought your loved one a gift, then here are a few suggestions.

And if you aren’t into the whole Valentine’s gifts thing, or are on your own, then, well, we hope you might just love our suggestions anyway! Who better to buy something for than yourself, we say!

We are definitely buying ourselves the fantastic love heart light from BHS (£120). Valentine’s gifts for ourselves start there! Love vouchers from JOY (£6.99) are a fun way to kickstart your Valentine’s weekend, agreed? Because these are Valentine’s gifts, we’ve gone all love heart themed. So, love heart pyjamas? Yes, please. Ours are from Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams (£26.50), as is the cute underwear set (£tbc). White Stuff’s lovely double love heart earrings (£10) are a pretty little Valentine’s gift.valentine's gifts weekly wishlist

And, whilst you’re there, there’s a subtle heart-print scarf  (£27.50) we’ve had our eye on as well. Bake us a cake, buy us some chocolate, or our favourite snack – just make sure you bring it to us in this cute-as floral love-heart shaped tin (£12) from At Home with Ashley Thomas @ Debenhams. We ‘love’ this LOVE bangle from JOY (£9).

For his Valentine’s gifts we’d choose a gorgeous bright red sweater from BHS (£16). Never mind 50 Shades of Grey, we’re all about red – the colour of love and passion! But we do love this grey ditsy love heart print T-shirt for him from French Connection (£15).

And don’t forget the way to a man’s heart (and a woman’s, we say), is through his stomach, so make sure you pop into M&S and pick up their Valentine’s Dine In this weekend. Coquille St Jacques to start, a steak for the main, a love heart shaped dessert, so pink fizz and chocolates, all for just £20. This is just our favourite – there are plenty more options to choose from, and the deal is on until February 16, if you, heaven forbid, forget, or something….



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