Get Sporty Style

It’s mid-January, and we’re probably all feeling a little dip. Broken those resolutions already? Skint? Yeah, we understand. So, how do we fix it? How do we get rid of those January blues?

We get sporty style, that’s how! Now, hold on, come back, don’t click on another page just yet! Yeah, yeah, we hear you, the gym’s been a nightmare, and exercising in January is such a cliche, etc, etc.

But well, it is good for you, and it does boost you jam-packed full of those endorphins to lift those spirits high! Let me hear you shout – sporty style!

Anyway, what is your sporty style? Working out down the gym? Running? Bit of yoga, maybe? Or are you more likely to head for the hills, or get on a bike and enjoy a bit of the great outdoors? Whatever your sporty style, we’ve got the sporty style for it!

Let’s start down the gym. Got to go to the gym, shake the place up with some bright and bold gym gear. Patterned leggings and a vest, and if you’re really brave, how about a neon sports bra? Yep, that is a sports bra…

get sporty gym gearClockwise, from top left: Stripe t-shirt, £20, XPG by Jenni Falconer @ Debenhams, sports tights, £14.99, H&M, blue multi leggings, £14.99, New Look, neon sports bra, £9.99, leggings, £14.99, both New Look (on model), purple sports bra, £19.99, H&M, New Balance trainers, £30 (were £60), Debenhams, gym bag, £15.99, New Look, pink patterned vest, £7.99, H&M.

Maybe balancing the mind as well as toning the body is more your thing? Yoga, pilates, perhaps? We heard a story about hot yoga where a guy was wearing just Speedo-style trunks. If hot yoga is your thing, we think BHS’s sports suit is perfect.

get sporty style yoga gearClockwise, from top left: Grey yoga tights, £14.99, H&M, aqua yoga top with sports bra, £19.99, H&M, loose pants, £17.99, New Look, long-sleeved top, £39.95, GAP, yellow vest, £9.99, New Look, V-neck back and front Breathe T-shirt, £19.95, GAP, sports suit, £24, BHS

Perhaps running is your exercise? Make sure you do it in the right gear – and at this time of year that means layers and layers to keep out the cold. But come the warmer months, nothing feels so liberating as running shorts! And running requires a good sports bra!

get sporty style runClockwise, from top left: Multi-pattern vest, £9.99, New Look, black sports bra, £14, BHS, pink pattern leggings, £29.99, H&M, New Balance trainers, £65, Schuh, running leggings, £34.95, GAP, running shorts with tight shorts underneath, £12.99, H&M, orange lace sports bra, £9.99, New Look, grey running top, £24.99, H&M

Finally, no need to slog it out in a gym, go all yogi, or take up running if you don’t want to. Take a look around – Scotland is the perfect place to get involved in the great outdoors. A bit of walking, maybe some cycling, maybe even a bit of hill-walking. Make sure you have the right outdoor footwear, and then you’re ready for anything!

get sporty style outdoorsClockwise, from top left: Pom pom hat, £14.95, GAP, bottoms, £14.99, H&M, neck warmer, £19.95, GAP, trainer socks, £6.99, lightweight jacket, £29.99, bum bag, £12.99, all H&M, padded jacket, £45, Debenhams

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