Pair the trends

There are so many trends that go together so well this season, it’s time to … pair the trends! (Say that last bit in a cheesy game show host voice, it sounds much better!) Anyway, yep, pair the trends. Simple really, and as it says – we’re just taking some of this season’s best trends, and pairing them up – we’re that stylish. And so can you be if you follow this simple guide!

1. Embellished Top + Full Midi Skirt

pai trends embellished midiThe full midi skirt is a winter wardrobe musthave. It’s warm, practical, stylish and looks great in the evening, the day, with boots, with shoes, with wellies, even! Pair the trends by teaming it with an embellished top to add a subtle hint of seasonal glamour to an outfit. Embellishment is huge this season, and perfect for the festive period. We’ve teamed a simple blue skirt from French Connection (£110) with an H&M embellished top (£29.99).

2. Leggings + Oversized Knit

pair trends leggings jumperLeggings have made a reappearance on the fashion scene in the last few years, so embrace them! They’re nothing like the 1980s horror leggings – great fabrics, bold patterns, lots of lycra, less of that ‘kneed’ effect! They look perfect with an oversized swter – another 1980s trend that works well in 2014! We love these leather-look leggings from Julien Macdonald @ Debenhams (£28), teamed with New Look’s 1980s inspired sweater (£22.99).

3. Plaid + Lace

pair trends plaid laceTartan, or plaid, as the fashion world love to call it, goes well with lace. It can go a wee bit fancy dress if you’re not careful, so make the lace subtle; watch how your pair the trends here. We’ve taken a preppy pleated plaid midi skirt, and added a lace-insert sweat top for an updated look. Our fab skirt is from JOY (£45) and lace-insert sweatshirt from French Connection (£49)

4. Belted coat + Winter florals

Pair trends florals coatCoats are huge this year – figuratively and literally. Big 1970s style belted wrap coats are so stylish – and we can’t get away from this red one. We love the winter florals trend-  florals look great on black. So, we love the juxtaposition of florals, with winter coat, get it? Pair the trends perfectly! Our H&M favourite is £99.99, and the gorgeous vintage style dress is £190 at French Connection

5. Statement Necklace + Pastel Knit

PAIR TRENDS JUMPER NECKLACEStatement necklaces are a thing again. They seem to have been a ‘thing’ for a few years now, and we reckon the best way to wear them is to pair the trends with pastel knits. Pastel for winter is big this year. A simple plain crew neck sweater looks so much more with a huge chunky statement bejewelled necklace, agreed? Our pink sweater is just £12 at BHS, and our big necklace is £19.99 from New Look.

That’s how we pair the trends. How would you do it?

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Autumn Fashion Weekly Wishlist

It’s time for autumn fashion. That means it’s time to get out there and buy some new clothes! Hooray. And shoes. Double hooray! And accessories. Yay, hooray!

Autumn fashion is great. Coats, knits, sparkly bits. This year there are loads of trends to buy into, as well as some just truly lovely pieces out there. So, this is my Autumn Fashion Weekly Wishlist – a random wishlist of pieces I just love right now.

First up, the coat. This gorgeous deep forest green coat from JOY £125) has me coming over all Rita Hayworth, or Grace Kelly, or Audrey Hepburn – you get the idea. It has that brilliant vintage style, and the colour would look fantastic with every haircolour, from redhead to blonde, to brunette and black. It’s a true statement autumnb fashion coat. It needs nothing more than a vintage brooch to lift it. I’m imagining it with a shift dress, and the gorgeous red patent low heeled court shoes from Schuh (£45). Sometimes a low heel is all that’s needed, and these are great. Who said red and green should never be seen? Nonsense!

Still ina vintage mood, French Connection’s completely frou-frou pink chiffon dress brought Jayne Mansfield and her pink palace to mind. This dress is outrageously bonkers, and an autumn fashion wildcard, but I love it.

WWEEKLY WISHLIST OCTOBERH&M’s full midi skirt (£99.99) is the full midi skirt to end all full midi skirts! That print, that pleating, that shape. Give me it, now! Florals and bold prints are an autumn fashion treat this year – French Connection’s Calliope bird feather print jersey dress (£75) is so simple, yet bold. Julien Macdonald’s printed maxi dress (£55) from his Star collection at Debenhams is not for the faint of heart. It’s bold and beautiful. New Look’s midnight blue devore shorts (£19.99),  and the matching top (£24.99) made it into my Top Ten this week as one – yeah, cheating, but you can’t have one without the other here!

It’s been raining a bit of late, so time for a new umbrella, and I love this owl print one (£10) from Claire’s. And whilst you’re there, how could you resist these cute little geeky owl stud earrings (£3.50)!? Owls in geek glasses. Too cute! Finally, H&M’s big blue plastic ring (£3.99). I love bold, bright, colourful plastic jewellery, so this is maybe the last, but it’s the top of my autumnal fashion weekly wishlist this week. Now, off to H&M…

Please note that we always endeavour to feature items that are available in Ocean Terminal, however sometimes items featured may be out of stock, and prices may vary due to seasonal reduction