Wedding bags, bags, bags

You need a bag at a wedding for your phone, and the favours, and money for drinks, oh, and that hankie  -weddings are emotional affairs!

But most wedding bags are, well, a bit wee, and boxy. It’s that wedding style crisis we’ve discussed in other posts this week. We all get a bit of fashion blindness when it comes to weddings, and, when it comes to wedding bags, it’s like we think only little boxy clutch bags will do.

Which is fine. But they’re not the only choice. There are wedding bags aplenty, if you just look for them, and think outside the box(y) clutch!

If you do love a wedding-style clutch, then that’s fine, there are lots of pretty beaded, sequinned and metallic numbers out there.

Mix things up a bit with this fab shell-shaped metallic clutch from SkinnyDip London @ JOY (£30). BHS’s navy beaded clutch is a wedding stalwart (£?), as is their beaded soft cltuch (£25, at the top right). Nine by Savannah Miller’s chevron style beaded, fringed clutch (£39, top left, Debenhams), has a retro feel to it. Debut @ Debenhams’  big silver envelope clutch is a classic (£18), and BHS’s lattice pearl clutch (£25) is as wedding bags as it gets!

wedding bags clutch one

Clutches are great – they add to your outfit, and you can have LOADS of fun with them. Be bright and bold and fun with New Look’s sequinned watermelon clutch (£19.99). SkinnyDip London @ JOY’s ‘Nope’ clutch (£32) is a great bit of tongue-in-cheek fun at a wedding!

New Look’s brown chevron stripe frame clutch (£15.99) is retro-fabulous, and we love H&M’s willow bag with wooden clasp (£29). At Debenhams, we love the boldness of this Star by Julien Macdonald zebra oversized clutch (£25). And BHS’s large lemon yellow clutch (£18) will hold all your stuff!

wedding bags clutch fun

We also adore French Connection’s white laser-cut clutch bag (£45), and White Stuff’s silver laser-cut clutch (£29.95), which also has a strap included. New Look’s Aztec clutch (£22.99) is lovely, and would work well with a floaty outfit. J by Jasper Conan’s nude foldover clutch (£79, Debenhams) is muted perfection, whilst the colour-blocked black, blue and white clutch from Principles by Ben De Lisi (£45, Debenhams), is bold and bright.

Wedding bags clutch twoCross-body styles as wedding bags leaves you both hands free to embrace the bride and groom (and tuck into the buffet and drink at the same time!). Bright sunny yellow is fab – White Stuff’s version (£39.95) has a cute bird attachment, whilst New Look’s (£17.99)has a snakeskin panel.

Butterflies and leaves make a pretty pattern at White Stuff (£29.95), and we also love their woven bag, with detachable strap and cute pom pom detail (£32.50). Saddle bags are still on-trend, we love this buckle version from New Look (£15.99). Also at New Look, we love the structured cream colour block shoulder bag (£24).

wedding bags shoulder

Finally, add a bit of fringed fun to your outfit with perhaps the quirkiest of wedding bags. These fabulous fringed numbers will make a statement!

Bold turquoise fringed clutch? Yes, please! From JOY, £29. French Connection’s pale blue clutch (£90) has the best fringing we’ve ever seen, agreed? Also at JOY, Louche’s embroidered saddle bag with fringed tassel (£59) is great for a wedding – and every day after it! H&M’s macrame bag (£14.99) is perfect for a 1970s style wedding outfit, as French Connection’s fringed black version (£90). Last but not least, BHS’s tan suede fringed shoulder bag. (£59)

wedding bags fringed

Wedding hats – weekly wishlist

Someone getting married? Time to get a hat! Wedding hats are on our weekly wishlist this week, as wedding season is well and truly here.

Not everyone wears wedding hats these days, but we think a wedding outfit isn’t complete without some sort of headgear. From traditional wedding hats, to something a wee bit different, fascinators or bands, just make sure when you head to that wedding, you have something on your head!

Think about the wedding – if it’s on a beach, your outfit is likely to be casual – so try a floppy hat, or a headband. If the wedding is formal, its the traditional wedding hats section for you – and the bigger the better we say – look for huge saucer styles,and intricate, unusual designs. If it’s an on-trend wedding, with hipsters aplenty, try something quirky like a cloche, perhaps.

Whatever headgear you choose, remember this piece of wedding hats etiquette – keep it on until the Mother of the Bride removes hers!

Weekly Wishlist Wedding Hats NUmbered


1.Straw cloche hat, £14.99, H&M 2. Pink fascinator, £12, BHS 3. Gold fascinator, £40, Debut @ Debenhams 4. Bright pink feathered fascinator, £100, Star by Julien Macdonald @ Debenhams 5. Navy petal fascinator, £24, BHS 6. Giant saucer blue hat, £75, Principles by Ben De Lisi @ Debenhams 7. Ribbon detail floppy hat, £12, BHS 8. Navy cut-out floppy hat, £22, J by Jasper Conran @ Debenhams 9. Pastel flowers fascinator, £45, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams 10. Butterfly detail large saucer hat, £120, Star by Julien Macdonald @ Debenhams 11. Monochrome floppy hat, £22,Principles by Ben De Lisi @ Debenhams 12. Straw boater, £15, JOY 13. Oversized floppy hat, £18, JOY 14. Black and cream hat, £35, BHS 15. White polka dot cloche, £10, BHS 16. Orange fascinator, £55, Star by Julien Macdonald @ Debenhams