Wallpaper Prints Trend – Weekly Wishlist

Yes, you read that right – wallpaper prints trend. There is a wallpaper prints trend in fashion this autumn/winter. What on erth do we mean by that? Well, it’s pretty easy really – wearing clothes that look like wallpaper.

The wallpaper prints trend does not mean wearing magnolia woodchip style clothes, or even a tasteful stripe, oh no. Nope, by wallpaper prints we mean paisley, big flock style flowers, bold prints, autumnal colours, busy, busy busy. Just look how busy this photo collage is?!

Think, yes, you know it, 1970s prints. Think old school hippy style kaftan prints, think the wallpaper in your local 1970s-styled Indian restaurant – you know, that amazing flock wallpaper that we all started to fall in love with and put up on our feature wall? (Don’t pretend you don’t have, or have never had, a ‘feature wall’!)

Yes, so the wallpaper prints trend means wearing prints that look like the busiest wallpaper. That includes ditsy, busy, Liberty-style floral prints as well, and large floral prints too, as long as the print is repeating, and the colour palette is plain. So, because this trend is so busy we have numbered our WW montage this week!

So, that’s where our lovely top and skirt combo from French Connection comes in – gorgeous thick high neck top (£65, 1.) and the loveliest matching skirt for £85. Of course you don’t need to wear them together. If it’s ditsy little florals you like, then H&M’s tie-neck ruffled chiffon dress (£39.99 2.) is perfection.

Weekly Wishlist Wallpaper prints trend


New Look’s pussy-bow patchwork print dress (£22.99 3.) is also 1970s perfection, in a similar style. H&M’s off the shoulder print top (£7.99 4) is a way to dip into the trend, as is New Look’s ruffle log-sleeve floral chiffon shirt (£19.99 5.) or their cropped highneck red print crop top (£12.99 6.).

But the best way to wear this wallpaper prints trend is full-on, in a dress. We adore BHS’s black leaf print dress (£35 7.), or JOY’s blue paisley patterned section dress (£39 8.). White Stuff’s blue and grey leaves print tunic dress (£59.95 9.) is subtle for this trend, as is New Look’s cute tile squared beiges print dress (£22.99 10.). Finally H&M’s autumnal shades blues and beiges high-beck skater dress (£9.99 11.) is an absolute bargain! Love it.