French Style for Bastille Day

It’s Bastille Day today, so we thought we’d help the French celebrate liberte, egalite, fraternite – that’s liberty, equality and brotherhood, by paying homage to classic French style.

What is French style? Probably many things, but in our heads it’s that effortless Brigitte Bardot look – striped Breton tops, capri pants and pumps. All in a subtle red white and blue palette.

Or maybe it’s sexier Beatrice Dalle style – all tight black jeans, and high black shoes. Perhaps it’s Audrey Tatou-style – trenchcoat, a trenchcoat and a dress is effortless chic. What about Marion Cotillard? She is achingly beautiful and stylish, no?

Whatever French style is, it’s chic, effortless and really easy to do. Think simplicity, with a bit of sassiness thrown in, bien sur!

Christian Dior’s New Look in 1947 revolutionised women’s style  – those nipped in waists and voluminous skirts are classic vintage style French style. Add a modern touch with a logo t-shirt, or keep it elegant and simple with a classic white shirt.

French style bastille day twoClockwise, from top left: Voluminous skirt, £34.99, H&M, Bonne Fille t-shirt, £24, JOY, sunglasses, £7.99, white shirt, £12.99, both H&M

A trenchcoat, a simple dress, some sunglasses and a great bag. French style done! it’s all you need to look sophisticated,and, well, more French!

french style bastille day threeClockwise, from top left: Trenchcoat, £21 (was £42), BHS, blue dress, £49, JOY, sunglasses, £5.99, New Look, cross body leather bag, £165, French Connection

Classic stripes, red, white and blue – beautiful French style. Trousers, a vest and pumps is perfect, or try short shorts for some St Tropez style!

frech style bastille day fourClockwise, from top left: Red trousers, £44, Betty.Jackson Black @ Debenhams, stripe shorts, £40, Crew Clothing, Lotus pumps, £22.50 (was £45), BHS, striped vest, £10, JOY

French? Shout about it on your t-shirt. Even if you’re not French, why not? If you look this good with your simple French style, what’s the harm in pretending! And with killer heels and tight black jeans you’ve got the attitude to pull it off! Ooh, la, la!

French style bastille day oneClockwise, from top left: Black 1969 skinny jeans, £44.95, GAP, French? T-shirt, £40, French Connection, black court shoes, £29.99, H&M, striped top, £12, BHS

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