Fashion is cyclical, we all know that. Fashion trends come and go.  Every other season or so we’re rushing out for tartan, or leopard print; brown is the new black, then black is, then grey is; skirts are long and tight, short and full…you get the idea.

But sometimes fashion trends come back that we thought we would never see again. Here’s our top eight fashion trends we can’t believe are back – and how to wear them now, without looking like a throwback to their original era.


Fashion Trends the body

We loved ‘the body’ in the late 80s and early 90s, and it’s having a bit of a fashion moment again. It’s not such a bad idea. It gives a clean line to a tucked in look, and you could even call it practical in winter, anything all in one keeps the heat in! Team it with a pencil skirt, high waisted jeans, or the full midi, but just don’t forget to fasten it again after a trip to the loo! You don’t want to end up like Patsy from Ab Fab, with the crotch of your body hanging out of your skirt!

We love … this mesh and black long sleeve body from H&M, £12.99


Fashion trends doc marten

DMs as they are more commonly known are having a bit of resurgence at the moment. The original punk/skinhead footwear, it was all about how many eyelets you had. Many a pair of Doc Martens were customized with Tippex back in the 1980s. We don’t suggest drawing daisies on your DMs now, but we do suggest having a look at the brand, who don’t just offer their original Dr Marten boot, but have a whole host of other styles. But if you do fancy pair of DM boots, then try an update on the original black leather, with a metallic sheen, or a patent, coloured style.

We love … Dr Martens 8 Eye Pascal boots in Pewter metallic, £95, Schuh


fashion trends the batwing jumper

We bet Kathy Beale knocked up a few batwing jumpers on her knitting machine on Eastenders back in the mid 1980s. (Google her, if you are under 30!). The batwing is the classic 1980s sleeve style, and it’s back. Comfy, flattering, and easy to wear, team it with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans for a classic, updated 80s look. Pick a patterned batwing sweater, for a bold choice.

We love… leopard batwing sweater, £24.99, New Look


fashion trends leather trouser

Leather trousers have made a few appearances over the years in ‘musthave’ items for that season. This is one of them. The last time we lusted after leather like this was back in the early Noughties. Before that it was the 90s, before that, the 1980s. Whatever, unleash your inner rock chick again, and grab some leather. Wear in the evening with a sequin top and heels, or during the day with an oversize sweater and sneakers for a dressed down look. Never team them with a leather jacket, unless on a bike.

We love… leather biker style leggings, £150, French Connection


the poloneck fashion trends

Turtlenecks were popular in the 1960s, but in the 1970s, the polo neck reigned supreme. With flares, under a crocheted gilet and a pinafore dress, the polo neck had its moment. In the early 1990s they were popular again, but it’s a tough one to wear. Keep it simple, in black, under another oversize sweater, or a cardigan, with jeans, or a pencil skirt.

We love … ribbed roll neck polo neck sweater, £16, BHS


Fashion Trends patterned trews

Back in the 1980s, trousers were loose, and patterned – and SO comfy. Why did we ever stop wearing these!? Aztec prints, floral prints, animal prints. Team them with a t-shirt, a biker jacket, some heavy boots, and you’re good to go.

We love … Aztec print patterned trousers, £18, New Look


fashion trends loafer

The staple footwear of the early 1980s with Sloane Rangers everywhere, Loafers were smart, and a massive fashion trend in the 1990s when they filtered through from Chelsea to the rest of us.  Perfect for a day at the office, a great way to smarten up a pair of jeans, and very comfortable, what’s not to love?

We love … leopard insert brown leather loafers, £27.99, New Look


fashion trends jumpsuit

In the late 1970s, the Disco queens were throwing shapes in jumpsuits, and a trend was born. You couldn’t move in the 1980s for jumpsuits. You sometimes couldn’t move in them. As far as fashion trends go this one is one that has defied all sensibilities, and clung on, despite it being a little bit annoying to wear. Anyone who has had to go to the toilet in a cold pub, or in a rush, wearing one, will testify to that. But we love them! Wide legged, tapered legged, flying suit style, 70s disco style; we can’t get enough.

We love … Sparkly sequin jumpsuit, £180, French Connection

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