Swimwear Style – what’s yours?

Well, we’ve had enough of the rain, and the wind, and the few hours of sun here and there. We’re off to the travel agents this weekend, and we’re getting the heck out of here – are you coming?

If you have holidays planned you’ll need swimwear. And swimwear shopping is something that strikes fear into the heart of most women. What’s your swimwear style? What swimwear style suits you? We bet you spend hours rummaging in the stores, just as we have, trying on all sorts and just not getting anything to suit.

So, we are here to help. To find the perfect swimwear, you need to find your swimwear style.

We’re all different shapes and sizes. We all have body issues, that’s true, right? Long torso, short torso, big boobs, wee boobs, too much tummy tissue, broad shoulders, stretch marks, big thighs, boyish frame…can we stop now?!

swimsuits and cut-outs

swimsuits and cut-outs

Clockwise, from top left:black frill cut-out swimsuit, £19.99, H&M, floral tummy control, £28, BHS, polka dot suit, £35, White Stuff, tropical print suit, £30, JOY, graphic stripe suit, £38, Principles by Ben De Lisi @ Debenhams

Wow, we get hung up on our bodies! First of all, embrace your body, whatever shape or size it is. Get your swimwear and take it to the beach. Forget stupid crash diets, don’t hide under a kaftan, and don’t stay indoors!

If you really are having a nightmare finding your perfect swimwear style, then here are a few rules we like to stick to when we go shopping.

halter-necks and mix and match

halter-necks and mix and match

Clockwise, from top left: Hawaii floral swimsuit, £35, White Stuff, peach bikini top, £12.99, black bikini bottoms, £6.99, both H&M, floral halterneck costume, £48, Reger by Janet Reger @ Debenhams, stripe bikini top, £22.50, bottoms, £17.50, White Stuff

If you have broad shoulders, try a halterneck swimwear style to take the eye away from the shoulders, and not emphasize them. If you feel top heavy, try mix and matching your bikini – a dark coloured top will minimise the look of this area, a light coloured bottom will draw the eye there. Just reverse this rule if you have he opposite issue – feel heavier on the bottom than the top.

frills and stripes and string bikinis

frills and stripes and string bikinis

Clockwise, from top left:  Zig zag bikini top, £9.99, bottoms, 7.99, both New Look, blue stripe top, £14.99, bottoms, £7.99, New Look, yellow frilled bikini, £39, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams, red stripe top, £23.96, bottoms, £17.97, GAP.

If you have a small bust, add frills to your bikini or swimsuit. If your bust is big, get a proper bra-sized underwired bikini or swimsuit – your will thank yourself for this!

Retro styles are hugely popular, and big bikini pants are great for wearing if you have tummy troubles, but don’t want to wear a swimsuit. This is a fantastic swimwear style for everyone.

retro styles

retro styles

Clockwise, from top left: Gingham retro high waist bottoms, £11.99, matching top, £17.99, both New Look, floral print blue bikini, £32, Red Herring @ Debenhams, orange swirl bikini, £28, J by Jasper Conran @ Debenhams, belted swimsuit, £42, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams, red rose print retro bikini, £26.50, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams

If your torso is short, then elongate it, by wearing a skimpy bikini, exposing that flesh. If your torso is long, then try a one-piece, even better with cut-out sections, or go for a bright, bold, loud bikini, which will draw attention to your bum and boobs. Or try a belted swimsuit. This swimwear style will break up a long torso.

bright and bold

bright and bold

Clockwise, from top left:bright print bottoms, £7.99, matching top, £9.99, H&M, floral print bold shorts, £10, BHS, black and white print bikini top, £20, matching bottoms, £12, JOY, bold tropical print top, £12, BHS

Most of all, just wear what you feel the most comfortable in, and go and have fun in the pool or on the beach! There are loads of swimwear styles out there that are perfect clubbing or festival get-up as well!

straps, leather-look, frills and fun

straps, leather-look, frills and fun

Clockwise, from top left: Leather-look bikini top, £14.99, matching bottoms, £9.99, khaki cut-out bottoms, £9.99, matching top, £17.99, all New Look, white bikini, £46, J by Jasper Conran @ Debenhams, turquoise frill bikini top, £12.99, matching bottoms with CND sign charms, £7.99, H&M


So, do you have your swimwear style sorted? Great! See you at the beach!


Bikini Style – what’s yours?

Hooray! The sun is out. Summer is officially here (for a few days at least). It’s time for no tights, short skirts, and, well, your bikini!

Okay, maybe your bikini is more for your holidays than home, but no matter where you wear it – a weekend  at the local beach or park, abroad on holiday, or with shorts at a festival, even, you need to first identify your bikini style.

Do you let it all show in the skimpiest bikini around? Do you prefer the high-waisted retro bikini trend? Or maybe a sporty bikini is more your bikini style?

The high-waisted bottoms, and longer bra top retro bikini style is a great way of embracing your inner starlet! This style mimics the old Hollywood movies stars of yesteryear. Perfect if you are a wee bit self-conscious about your tummy.

bikinis retroClockwise, from top left: Black, floral and leopard top, £14.99, bottoms, £9.99, New Look, ice cream bikini top, £26.50, bottoms, £16.50, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams, zig zag top, £12.70, high-waisted bottoms, £11.20, Red Herring @ Debenhams, nautical striped bikini top, £16.99, bottoms, £12.99, Kelly Brook @ New Look

A bikini should be fun, so if that’s your bikini style look for bold prints and patterns. This season fruit prints and florals or tropical prints are a great choice.

bikini bikinis funClockwise, from top left: Lemon print bikini top, £16, bottoms, £12, BHS, fruity/sweet bikini top, £26.50, bottoms £14.50, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams, tropical print top, £20, bottoms, £11.60, Mantaray @ Debenhams. black floral bikini, £30, BHS

Fancy a bit of frou-frou fun with your bikini style? Then add frills! Ruffles on the top half are great for those of us who need a little help up top!

frilly bikinis bikiniClockwise, from top left: White laser cut bandeau top, £14.99, bottoms, £7.99, New Look, green frill top, £9.99, bottoms, £7.99, H&M, pastel tropical print top, £12.80, bottoms, £9.60, Red Herring @ Debenhams, floral and polka dot frill bottoms, £20.80, bottoms, £11.20, Ultimate Beach @ Debenhams, black lace frilled top, £12.99, bottoms, £7.99, H&M, floral frilled top, £24, bottoms, £14.50, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams, blue laser cut frilled top, £14.99, bottoms, £7.99, New Look

Maybe you just prefer a simple, sleek, sporty bikini style. Want to show off those abs you’ve worked hours on in the gym? Then this is the bikini style for you – sports luxe is huge this year.

bikini bikinis sportyClockwise, from top left: Grey and black satin bikini top, £12.99, bottoms, £6.99, green mesh top, £12.99, bottoms, £7.99, all H&M, racer mesh top, £24.99, bottoms, £14.99, Superdry, red bottoms, £7.99, racer back top, £12,99, H&M

Maybe not quite an itsy-bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, but the skimpier the better, in any pattern, any colour might be your style! Side-ties on bottoms, bandeau or triangle tops, and not a lot left to the imagination.

Bikini bikinis skimpyClockwise, from top left: Aztec print bandeau top, £7.99, bottoms, £6.99, H&M, leaf print bikini, £40, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson @ Debenhams, grey and black bikini top, £24.99, matching bottoms, £14.99, white and blue logo bikini top, £19.99, bottoms, £14.99, all Superdry, zebra bikini top, £3.99, bottoms, £3.99, H&M, Blue striped top, £9.99, bottoms, £7.99, New Look, red strappy bottoms, £24, matching top, £26, French Connection

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