Sunnies! Sunglasses! It’s the SUN!

The sun is out – so hide from it! Ah, don’t really  of course, but be safe, Stick some suncream on, and get your sunglasses out! Not only will they protect your peepers from those beautiful, but harmful, rays, but you will also look incredibly stylish and cool.

Well, you will if you choose the right pair of sunglasses, that is. What is the right pair, though? Whatever takes your fancy, we say. Round, wayfarer style, aviator style, over-sizes, cat’s eye – there’s something out there for us all. Here are a few pairs we’re loving for guys and gals.


Okay, first up for the guys, H&M’s tortoishell sunglasses (£6.99) – we kind of like these, yeah?

H&M tortie sunnies himOr maybe New Look’s brilliantly bold and quirky preppy round frames (£5.99) are for you? Love the style, love the colour – do you dare?

New Look sunnies himRed Herring @ Debenhams have loads of pairs to choose from – we like these red and black sunglasses (£14) best of all.

Red Herring Debenhams himClassic looking aviators. You can’t go wrong with these, can you? BHS have a gold framed pair, £16.

BHS aviators himAnd over at French Connection, we’re also loving their aviators (£45). Similar, but with a slightly sleeker look.

French Connection sunnies himFOR THE GALS

Girls, here are your top five sunglasses picks, starting with a bit of fun – actually a LOT of fun – with New Look’s cat’s EARS sunnies (£5.99)! Miaow! These made us smile!

New Look cat eat sunnies herIf it’s the more conventional cat’s eyes style you are after then head to JOY, and these little Louche beauties (£18) – gorgeous tortoiseshell print with white legs.

Cats eye sunnies JOY herIf bigger and bolder in a different way is more you, then these filigree details large round sunglasses style from Oasis @ Debenhams (£14)have your name on them.

Oasis Debenhams filigree sunniesFrench Connection’s tri-toned demi-hexagonal sunglasses make a statement and then some, agreed?

French Connections sunnies herAnd finally, from H&M, these wacky two-tone round sunglasses , which are absolutely top of our list this summer. And just £5.99.

H&M round sunnies for her

Let’s hope the sun stays out!


Sunglasses Edit

The sun is being a bit of a tease at the moment – out one day, then firmly hidden the next. But that shouldn’t stop you buying some new sunglasses.

Hey, the sun might come out if she likes the look of those new sunglasses, sunnies, shades, whatever you want to call them.

Some of you may like to spend a lot on designer sunglasses, others may have prescription ones. But if you are a bit of a sunglasses obsessive – and a loser of them – like me, you may want to indulge in more than one pair from the high street.

Sunglasses trends come and go, but this year it seems to be a mish-mash of all sorts. There is a step away from the HUGE over-sized 1970s style sunnies, as loved by Victoria Beckham, and a move towards smaller lenses, and bigger, plastic frames. Raybans, 1980s style are popular, as are Aviators, and retro 1950s style cat’s eye frames.

Novelty sunglasses are great for a laugh, but if you want to wear something bold all day, we suggest a bright, neon frame, or a coloured lens. Heart shaped, pink and animal print. round and neon – you choose, it’s all out there!

sunglasses colourfulTop to bottom: Chain love heart, £8, Claire’s Accessories, pink and animal print ‘Rizzo’  £15, JOY, palm print 80s style, £4.99, New Look, pink round, £3.99, New Look, neon, £8, Claire’s Accessories

If you do want novelty, go all out with parrots and palm trees!

sunglasses novelty parrotsTop to bottom: Pink framed, £3.99, coloured lenses, £3.99, both H&M, patterned frame, £22.50, Ben De Lisi for Principles @ Debenhams, parrot and palm tree, £8, Claire’s Accessories

Maybe animal print is more your thing? A popular choice for sunglasses frames, be as bold as subtle as you like!

sunglasses animal printTop to bottom: Brown and gold, £17.50 Foster Grant @ BHS, animal print, £4.99, New Look, pink animal print, £4.99, New Look, Bow hinge, £9.50, BHS

The retro Cat’s Eye frame is huge this summer. You don’t have to take it one step further and add ears! But you can if you want…

sunglasses cats eyesTop to bottom: Blue cat’s eyes, £79, French Connection, tortoiseshell frames, £5.99, H&M, Katy Perry cat’s eyes with ears, £12, Claire’s Accessories, diamante detail cat’s eyes, £4.99, New Look

If you can’t part with over-sized sunnies, then don’t fret, there are still plenty out there. Brilliant for hungover mornings!

sunglasses oversizeTop to bottom: Ogle oversized frames, £15, JOY, black round Jackie O style frames, £5.99, H&M,  animal print, £25, Ben De Lisi for Principles @ Debenhams, Aviator style, £3.99, H&M, grey oversized frames, £15.50, BHS

Want something completely different? Freestyle it with hexagonal, pentagonal, thick black, or even glitter frames. Anything goes on the beach!

sunglasses shapedTop to bottom: White lace pentagonal frames, £10, Claire’s Accessories, Ombre plastic frame Emil shades, £15, JOY, shaped frames, £79, French Connection, glitter Presley frames, £15, JOY

Now all we need is some sun!

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