Chunky sandals – Weekly Wishlist

Sandals are great, but if they’re for the town, or a pebbly beach, or a gravel path, then they need to have something about the sole. They need to be chunky sandals. You need to be able to walk in them without feeling every stone like the Princess and the Pea felt that solitary green vegetable through all those bedclothes.

So, chunky sandals – that is flatforms, or flat platforms – are where it’s at. Forget those flimsy sandals, yours need to be of the chunky variety if you want to spend more than a few hours in them. Chunky sandals give your feet a bit more support. Oh, yeah, and they’re uber-cool. Granted, the TOWIE girls probably aren’t loving them, but you want to be one step ahead of them, right? Figuratively and literally.

And chunky sandals is one way to do it. Choose from slip-ons, sliders, espadrille stykle, leather, metallic, tan, black, built-up – just choose chunky! Here’s a dozen of the best pairs.

Weekly Wishlist Chunky sandals

  1. Nude leather, £37 (were £75), French Connection
  2. Two-tone flatforms, £55, White Stuff
  3. Silver sliders, £24.99 (were £45), Red or Dead @ Schuh
  4. Layered sandals, £45, Schuh
  5. Snakeprint sandals, £24.99, H&M
  6. White and black sandals, £42, Schuh
  7. Orange slip-ons, £56 (were £86) French Connection
  8. Grey sandals, £14.99, H&M
  9. White espadrille sole sandals, £24.99, New Look
  10. Blue and tan flatforms, £55, White Stuff
  11.  Kickers flatform mules, £39.99 (were £80), Schuh
  12. Wide fit tan sandals, £18.74 (were £24.99), New Look


If you only buy one pair of shoes this summer, better make them espadrilles. The humble espadrille has had a bit of a resurgence this season, and a bit of a makeover, with all sorts of variations on a theme available.

Made in Catalonia since the 14th century, these jute-soled shoes made it to Hollywood in the 1940s when Lauren Bacall’s character in the 1948 movie Key Largo wore an ankle-laced pair.

A big favourite in hot, sunny Spain, we don’t have quite the same climate here – and espadrilles are no good when wet. BUT…that doesn’t stop us, and it shouldn’t stop you from grabbing at least one pair this season.

As well as traditional espadrilles – flat with a canvas upper, the espadrille-style sole has been adapted by the fashion world into other version. Wedges are a favourite for this.

The contrast of the light sole looks fab with a dark upper, like black or navy. Choose plain or patterned, striped, lace-up, wedge or mesh.

ESPADRILLES FOR SUMMER1.All-black mesh espadrille, £12.99, H&M 2. Striped, £19.99, H&M 3. Navy wedge heels, £59.95, White Stuff 4. Glitter espadrilles, £38, Schuh 5. Slip-on sandals, £19.99, H&M 6. Tropical floral pattern, £22.50, Lotus @ Debenhams 7. Leather espadrille sandals, £85, French Connection 8. Zig zag pattern lace-ups, £12.99, New Look 9. Espadrille wedge sandals, £39.99, H&M

If black isn’t cutting it for you, then don’t worry – there are so many varieties of espadrilles out there this season, you won’t know where to start! White cut-outs, lace-ups colours, snake-print, metallics, and more tan than you can shake a stick at.


1.White cut-out, £22, Red Herring @ Debenhams 2. purple lace-ups, £19.99, H&M 3. Snakeprint, £19.99, H&M 4. Silver cross over sandals,£29.99, New Look 5. Patterned espadrille wedges, £25, BHS 6. Tan sandals, £55, White Stuff 7. Suede ghillie espadrilles, £22.99, New Look 8. Tan canvas, £12.99, New Look 9. Peep toe, £42, Toms @ Schuh