Summer Beauty, Clinique style

It;s summer, it’s time to sort out your beauty routine and get your skin ready to be bared! It doesn’t matter where you are going on holiday, be it a beach week, a city break or a staycation, you need summer beauty tips and the products to match. Clinique can deliver. Here’s their summer beauty round-up.

Preparing your skin, for a beach holiday, or just a walk in the park, is essential at this time of year. The skin on your arms, legs, back and elsewhere rarely gets seen, and will benefit from using an exfoliator.  Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator (£20) whisks away dead surface cells, speeds up cell turnover and reveals silky, younger looking skin. Best of all, you can use this formula as often as you need it since its gentle enough for everyday.

We love a self-tan here in Scotland – probably because we never get the weather to get a real tan, Clinique’s Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion (£18) instantly bronzes the skin, then quickly develops into a rich, natural-looking self tan. Applies easily and evenly; the guide colour makes application virtually mistake-proof. Technologically-advanced polymers help hold the product onto the skin’s surface, maximising the life of the self-tan. Use before a holiday to avoid being the palest on the beach!

Clinique Summer Beauty

The sun accounts for approximately 90% of our aged appearance, and only 10% is due to the actual number of years we’ve lived,” says  -Dr. David Orentriech, Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist “So if we can minimise our daily dose of incidental sun exposure, we’ll reduce the single most important factor to the appearance of aging.”

Even if you go nowhere, and are city-bound this summer, you need to use an SPF. Protect your skin from UVA ageing rays, and UVB burning rays with Clinique’s City Block Sheer SP25 (£16.50). It provides powerful antioxidants and anti-irritants, has moisture wicking fibres, and a specific extract sourced from algae which helps reduce excess oil on skin’s surface. This helps  to help repel perspiration and help makeup stay-put.

We’ve all done it sometimes – over-indulged in the sun. Its not big, its not clever, and it’s painful. So, make sure you have an after sun with you on holiday just in case. Clinique’s After Sun Rescue Balm with Aloe (£18.50) offers an ultra-moisturising body balm to help calm the appearance of post-sun skin.

If you are planning a dip in the sea, or a splash in the pool, but you love your makeup, then make sure you take Clinique’s High Impact Waterproof Mascara (£16) in your luggage. It also stays on all day in humid heat, when smudging can be a pest. The regular High Impact mascara delivers big lashes, with volume and length and this is no different.

For a glowing complexion, Fresh Bloom All Over Colour (£16)  –  a much loved Clinique product  –  has been re-formulated to offer a more durable, higher quality version of this favourite multi-tasker. It is long-wearing and creates a sheer, subtle radiance that looks fresh and stays fresh. You can sweep over the face for an all over luminous glow, or brush on cheekbones to highlight.It comes in three shades; Plum Poppy Blend, Peony Blend Almond and Blossom Blend.

Finally, don’t forget your nails. Could there be a better shade for summer than Clinique’s Nail Enamel (£12) in limited edition shade, 70s and Over – a bold yellow guaranteed to bring sunshine to even a rainy summer day! Clinique’s nail enamels are specially formulated for sensitive skins, and come in lots of lovely colours. They are seven days chip resistant – don’t just trust me though – try them!

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