Star Wars, guys?

So, there’s a new Star Wars movie out next month. You didn’t know? Yeah, we just found out as well…NOT! Is there any escape from ‘the force’ at the moment? It’s Star Wars madness out there – Darth Vader this, Storm Troopers that, Luke Skywalker the other. Oh yeah, and some new folks called Kylo Ren, Rey and Finn.

And with a new film – and this is not just any film – comes merchandising. Let the Star Wars madness ensue! So, guys, we’re rounded up a few cool (and not so cool) Star Wars bits and bobs that might make it on to your Christmas list this year. May the force be with you, etc, etc.

First up, our favourite, this funny Chunk Darth Vader and Storm trooper selfie Tee from JOY (£30). LOVE!

Star Wars Chunk Selfie t-shirtThere are plenty more where that one came from at JOY as well, all courtesy of Chunk Clothing. Oh, and the one on the model below is from Debenhams (£18). Chunk’s Star Wars Class of 77 Tee comes in a few different colours.


Star Wars Men's T-shirts

The Chewie Chewbacca chewing bubble gum T-shirt is genius, as is the Yoda height chart! And the Storm Trooper pop art Tee is a little more subtle in your Star Wars appreciation. All of the Stars Wars Chunk Tees are £30.

If Yoda is your favourite character, then show it, with this, er, lovely (bonkers) Yoda hat from H&M (£9.99).

Star Wars Yoda hat


If you don’t want to show your full on Star Wars obsession love, then maybe some loungewear is more your thing? New Look have a fab monochrome dark side Vader and Stormtroopers robe (£14.99), and some pyjama bottoms (£14.99).

Star Wears Mens LoungewearMaybe BHS’s Dark side PJs (£18) are on your Christmas list? Or these ridiculous fabulous Yoda slippers from H&M (£14.99)?!

Finally, a must for all Star Wars fans this Christmas – a pair of themed boxer briefs! These bad boys are from H&M (£7.99).

Star Wars pants!





New Tees – Weekly Wishlist

Hey, guys, it’s spring – time to treat yourself! New tees are order of the day on this week’s Weekly Wishlist.

It’s the easiest way to liven up your wardrobe – invest in some new tees. Spring styles, with stripes, patterns or just plain – anything, as long as they are bright, fresh and spring-like. Time to throw those old T-shirts out now!

Stripes are great, and everywhere this spring, guys, so embrace them on your new tees. Bright yellow shows you mean springtime brightness – H&M’s tee is just £9.99. Or maybe you prefer some multi-coloured stripes, like BHS’s number (£12)? Or half-way stripes on grey, perhaps? (£14.99, New Look). Or thin stripes with a plain top half like the very stylish tee from Hammond & Co by Patrick Grant @ Debenhams (£20).

Perhaps a slogan tee is the King of new tees for you? Something a bit cheeky, like French Connection’s FCUK Your Selfie tee (£20), or the uber-fun Happy tee by Chunk @ JOY (£30). Or, just tell it like it is at H&M (£7.99)- it’s great, yeah?

new tees men weekly wishlist

A summery palm-trees-and-sunset/rise T-shirt is always a good bet for spring/summer. We love this Praia Do Diablo one from BHS (£12). Chunk’s Galactic Allstars 77 tee (£30, JOY) is genius, agreed? And New Look’s silver geometric print tee (£14.99) has something of the sci-fi about it too.

HYMN’s Sandbanks tee at JOY (£30) with its chevron stripe is subtle and effective at the same time.

But if all of these new tees are too much for you, then try a simple dusky pink tee (£12.99, Red Herring @ Debenhams), at least, won’t you?!