More Star Wars Stuff!

Yes, we’re still in Star Wars mode here! The Force Awakens – the seventh in the series, and the first for 10 years is out this week, and the world has gone Star Wars mad.

So, may the force be with you (just go with it), and may you find all the Star Wars stuff you ever need.

Let’s start with some of the most amazing Star Wars stuff we’ve seen yet – fantastic shoes and boots from Irregular Choice and Kickers. Kickers have created a white Stormtrooper style, and a black Darth Vader style, putting them firmly on the Dark Side. These limited edition boots are for men only, and, well, for true fans only, we reckon, at £160 a pair.

Star Wars madness shoes

But, they fade into the background when compared to Irregular Choice’s stand-out Star Wars shoes. First up, the Dark Side again, with this just wondrous Darth Vader and Stormtrooper themed creation. Would you? er, if you have £275, you might. Or maybe kind and wise Yoda is more your style? He comes in at £195. Or maybe you love the Star Wars Skywalker pair, with light sabre heels? (£209). All of these are available at Schuh.

Maybe the shoes are a bit much. Perhaps, guys, just a T-shirt is fine. Or some pyjamas. Or a simple bobble hat, or even a bag. It’s all out there. The force is strong… The galaxy is filled with Star Wars stuff…

star wars for himClockwise, from top left: Star Wars pyjamas, £14.99, H&M, Stormtrooper surfer Tee, £30, Chunk @ JOY, Chewie t-shirt, £14.99, New Look, Darth hat, £8.99, was £11.99, New Look, messenger bag, £18.74, was £24.99.

Ladies, how about some Star Wars briefs? (£7.99, for three pack, H&M). Or perhaps a silver/glittery Star Wars logo sweatshirt (£11.99, was £19.99, H&M). Or maybe a long-length Star Wars Tee? (£6, was £12.99). Perhaps a Millennium Falcon backpack is something you covet? Adidas have made them, and you can pick them up at Schuh (£25).

Or if all of this is too much, just show which side of the Star Wars you are on with a cute Yoda keyring (£2.10, was £3.50). Pretty, it is…!

Star Wars madness for herFinally, Star Wars characters aren’t exactly what we’d call ‘cuddly’, right? (Apart from Chewbacca, maybe) But they are in bear form! Yes, Build-A-Bear has a full Star Wars collection, including the new characters that we can’t remember the names of yet, and aren’t really fussed about just now. No, we want our old favourites, including, of course, the wonderful Chewbacca!

Star Wars build-a-bear collection

Build-a-Bear has a huge range, with Princess Leia, a generic Star Wars bear, Darth vader, Hans Solo, Stormtroopers and more. Choose from simple bears, or super bears with fab sounds. Prices range from £19 to £39, and on the standard Star Wars, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper bears, it’s two for £30 just now! You can start your own Empire!

More Star Wars stuff than you could ever possibly need!