Euro 2016 style

Football is here to stay for the next month as Euro 2016 kicked off, but if you cant beat them, join them we say, and get some Euro 2016 style.

No, we’re not suggesting you go around in a replica football shirt for the rest of June, as if! We’ve thought outside the (penalty) box (see what we did there?!) on this one, and have brought you some red, white and blue Euro 2016 style, in homage to the tournament’s super-stylish hosts, France!

Who really needs an excuse for a red, white and blue colour palette, anyway? it’s Euro 2016 style, it’s UK celebratory style, it’s super chic nautical style. Red, white and blue is a classic colour palette. Worn together, the colours are chic, super-cool, and bold.

Of course, you don’t need to wear them together. You could just take one of the three colours and concentrate on that. Or mix red with white, red with blue, or blue with white. Whatever, each colour is bright, fresh and bold – together we think they’re unbeatable.

So, celebrate the football and fashionable hosts France in your own way with our Euro 2016 style weekly wishlist.

euro 2016 style red white blue

1.Dotty top, £45, White Stuff 2. Jersey top, £32.50, White Stuff 3. Cobalt midi dress, £45, Principles by Ben De Lisi @ Debenhams 4. Red ruffle dress, £115, French Connection 5. Lips bangle, £9.99, H&M 6. Blue frilled hem dress, £90, French Connection 7. Red strappy dress, £12.99, H&M 8. Red midi dress, £35 (was £450), JOY 9. Blue nail polish, £2.99, New Look 10. Bardot white crop top, £32, JOY 11. Broderie vest, £37.50, White Stuff 12. Loveheart glasses, £16, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams 13. Blue coin purse, £10 (was £15), JOY 14. Red bomber jacket, £29.99, New Look 15. White low heeled shoes, £39.99, H&M

Queen’s Birthday Patriotic Style – Weekly Wishlist

The Queen is 90 this Thursday, so celebrate our Monarch’s big day with some patriotic style – that means red, white and blue! There’s nothing as fresh as the colours of the British flag. Red, white and blue go together so well, and are perfect for spring.

Celebrate the Queen turning 90 with this patriotic style, with a full red, white and blue outfit, or just a nod to the colours here and there.

Red is a bright, bold shade, great for all seasons. A red skirt, dress or trousers makes a big, bold statement. Bright blue, or navy blue? We can never decided which is best for British patriotic style. Our flag’s blue is probably the darker shade, but we can’t resist bright, cobalt blue.

And then white to tie it all together – a great spring and summer shade on its own, but the perfect filling between the red and blue patriotic style sandwich!

Here’s our weekly wishlist of gorgeous patriotic style-led pieces for you to wear this week!

Weekly Wishlist Queen's birthday patriotic style

Clockwise, from top left: Love heart sunglasses, £16, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams, red pleated skirt, £24.99, New Look, dark blue sweater, £20, BHS, white kimono jacket, £24.99, red culottes jumpsuit, £24.99, both New Look, Converse, £45, Schuh, white bag, £37.50, Principles by Ben De Lisi @ Debenhams, bright blue dress, £59, JOY, blue striped dress, £55, White Stuff, red shift dress, £50, JOY, blue sandals, £60, Schuh, navy vertical stripe skirt, £22.99, New Look, red and blue striped T-shirts, £9.99 each, H&M, red So Icy Adidas Superstars trainers, £75, Schuh.