The Nineties Trend: Acceptable Now?!

Calvin Harris said it was acceptable in the Eighties. But if you want to be on trend this season, then you need to move forward a decade, to the Nineties. Yes, the Nineties trend is huge, and very acceptable in 2014.

Can we really be looking at the Nineties as a ‘trend’?! I was there, were you? I remember it not being overly stylish, and there are some elements of the Nineties Trend that I really don’t want to catch on. But I’m just being selfish, and fashion isn’t about one person moaning because the decade of her 20s coming back makes her feel really old, is it?

nineties trend montage

No, fashion is about trends, and the Nineties trend is where it’s at right now. So, I’ve put The Spice Girls, Oasis and Blur on a Spotify playlist, and I am getting in the mood, as I bring you the top six pieces you might want to buy should you decide to embrace the Nineties trend. Oh, and how to wear them in a more 2014 way, of course.

1. The Backpack

We discussed this last week on the blog. Love it or loathe it, the backpack as a handbag, is back. Wear it medium-sized, not necessarily on your back, and try it in a pattern or a print to make it a bit more interesting, like this lovely striped cotton version (£20) from JOY.

1990s trends the backpack

2. Dungarees

Yes. Dungarees. I know, I know, this one is way out there.Think Will Smith when he was the Fresh Prince, TLC, and me, at the Smash Hits Poll Winner’s Party in 1989 (almost the Nineties!). Yes, I know you weren’t there, but my dungarees were, and I rocked out to the Rebel MC in them….I digress. So, dungarees are everywhere – even Marks and Spencer have a pair for goodness sake! Thankfully they are a bit more fitted, and look great with a turn-up hem, some heels, and a vest under, perhaps a kimono on top? Just don’t let one strap hang down, okay? This pair are great, and £29.99 at H&M

1990s trend the dungarees

3. The Long Shirt Dress

It’s an odd on this one. Is it a shirt? A dress?A coat? A sort of combination of all? It’s a very long shirt, which you can wear over leggings, or trousers, or shorts, or tights. Belt it up, let it hang loose. Experiment with this one? It’s a Nineties trend I still struggle with, but this one from H&M (£29.99) is very pretty.

1990s trend long shirt dress

4. The Flippy Hem Skirt

Part of the Nineties trend, with its roots in the 1940s really, this is a lovely silhouette. I went to a job interview in 1992 in one of these. I didn’t get said job, but am pretty sure it wasn’t the skirts fault. Tea, this with a body (yes, that’s a Nineties trend that is back as well, but has been for a few years, and is actually very wearable) and a fitted jacket for a slick work look, or wear it with a simple white shirt. This one is from H&M and is £34.95

1990s trend flippy hem skirt

5. Culottes

Culottes really come from the 1970s. They were back in the 1990s, and then again in around 2002, so it’s only fair they have another fashion moment this year, and we can put them in the Nineties trend bracket. Culottes are like long, baggy shorts, that look like a skirt, unless you lift one leg up,and then folks can see they are culottes. They’re very practical, stylish and already the fashionista’s favourite for this transitional period. Wear with a boxy top, or a body, as bold as you like, or in a plain, stiff fabric, for added glamour. This fab tropical print pair from New Look (£24.99) are a perfect summer alternative to  the midi skirt.

1990s trend the culotes

6. The Slip Dress

Princess Posh, Lady Victoria of Beckham wore slip dresses for the whole of the Nineties, right? The spaghetti strapped simple slip dress was a Nineties trend, a Nineties staple and beloved by the likes of Courtney Love who went onstage in vintage slips. Paula Yates wore similar whenever she could, and Kate Moss  rocked the look. Like she looks bad in anything! A slip dress is perhaps a bit unforgiving, so we’ve chosen this one, with a draped top, from New Look (£12.99) which gives you all of the Nineties trend, with just a little bit more.

1990s trend slip dressSo, there you have it. It was acceptable in the Nineties, and the Nineties trend is now acceptable in 2014. Which piece is your favourite?

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