New Year fashion resolutions

A new year is almost upon us, so we naturally got to thinking about new year resolutions. But not just any resolutions, no, no, no. We’re talking new year fashion resolutions.

It’s time to up the ante in the fashions stakes, okay? These new year fashion resolutions will make a proper fashionista out of each and every one of you we guarantee it. (Well, okay, we don’t actually guarantee it, but you get what we mean…).

New year fashion resolutions are actually not that hard to make – and even easier to keep. So here’s out list of essential, informative – and at times tongue-in-cheek – new year fashion resolutions that will transform your life (well, your wardrobe at least)!

geordie shore style new year fashion resolutions

Geordie Shore … do NOT take fashion tips from these people…


On-trend. We use that a lot round these parts. But do you have to be on-trend. Well, if you are looking for the fashionista crown, er, no, actually – most likely not. True fashionistas make the trends, don’t follow them. For most of us that just means finding a style we like, and more importantly a style that suits us, and wearing it, styling it up, and making it our own. Find your own trends this year. Take some on-trend pieces that work for you and add your own twist to them. You’re almost a designer now!


A proper clear out. By this we don’t just mean bin things that are old, and tatty, or don’t fit. We mean bin things that you never wear AND – some things you always wear! Let us explain. You know that dress you wear to every event you’re ever invited to – the one that just works, but isn’t really doing anything for you? Or that cardigan you throw over everything like an adult comfort blanket? Stop it. Stop that right now. Think of your new year fashion resolutions. If you must have the cardigan, buy a new one. Buy more than one, even! If you don’t stop dressing in your comfort zone, a fashionista you will never be!


Perhaps with the exception of Rose Fortescue from Made in Chelsea (who has a pretty stylish style blog) dressing like reality TV stars is not a good idea. Do you think those TOWIE girls look good? Okay, sometimes there are glimpses of fashion, but on the whole, if you’re going to develop a penchant for tight, short, low frocks, fine, but this is not fashionista behaviour. Want proper fashion credentials? You need to stop just copying Kim Kardashian and co, okay? We can’t emphasise the importance of this in our new year fashion resolutions list enough!

This is TOWIE fashion ... do not copy it

This is TOWIE fashion … do not copy it


Stuck in a fashion rut. That’s the problem, isn’t it? Don’t fret, it happens to all of us from time to time. But if you are perennially in a rut, then you just need a little shove out of that comfort zone, and try something new. Take that leap of faith. Never worn a fake fur coat, but love the look of them? Try a lot on and buy one! Same goes for that full midi-skirt, that pencil skirt, those skinny jeans! Try it! Wear bright purple, yellow or print. Think like a fashion blogger – spend time on that outfit.


It’s all very well buying bargains and shopping smart, but we all need one knockout piece in our wardrobe. Maybe a gorgeous evening gown like those Jenny Packham examples at Debenhams? Maybe an expensive, real leather handbag? Or maybe just a great comfy pair of real UGG boots. Sometimes, it’s nice to splash out on that quality piece – up the ante, and work it!


If you’ve got it, flaunt it. And no, we’re not advocating those low cut reality TV frocks. By this we mean share your looks, be inspired – follow fashion blogs (yes, this one too!) and start your own! Keep Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts – look for inspiration everywhere, and share yours back. Blogging is a great way of finding your inner fashionista, your own style. It can change your life, no matter your age. Use it to help you lose weight, or create your own look. And then share, and lap up the community love.


Forewarned is forearmed. This is how to make these new year fashion resolutions easy to keep. Find out what’s going to be on-trend (see number one!) this spring/summer and see what fits your style. Here’s a few tips for you: denim, 70s style, street style – we mean trainers – tassels and feathers, polo necks and parkas, gingham and slouchy. You’ll thank us for this. We also suggest keeping an eye on blogs like this one for tips on what to wear this season.


Hey, they’re just clothes! Relax into your style and have fun. This is the most important of our new year fashion resolutions. Fashion isn’t meantto be that serious. Leave that to the Vogue editors. But clothes are meant to be fun, and enjoyed. Don’t jsut throw them on. Create outfits, create your own style, and create fashion fun!


Happy fashionable new year!