Christmas Lingerie – Weekly Wishlist

Christmas Lingerie. We’d like some, of course. But by Christmas lingerie, we just mean lingerie, for Christmas, not white fur trimmed red Santa bras and pants okay? Novelty lingerie is not the way to a woman’s heart.

Men love buying lingerie, particularly Christmas lingerie, but, well, they’re not usually very good at it. This week’s Weekly Wishlist has ten of our top lingerie picks as a good guide. But, if the man in your life needs more help, then forward him this blog post with Ultimo bra boss Michelle Mone OBE’s guide for men on buying the perfect Christmas lingerie.

Over to Michelle:

First things first: make sure you have your partner’s correct sizes. Buying the wrong size is the biggest faux pas and will do you more damage than not buying her a gift at all! Sizes can be easily established via a quick peek in her underwear drawer whilst she’s not looking.  A lot of men fall victim to the “she’s about that size” syndrome when they go to a lingerie shop, which more often than not will result in a disaster.
Women usually know what looks best on them and what suits their body type, in terms of shape and style,  so I recommend taking a second look in her underwear drawer to get a better feel for her Christmas lingerie needs.

weekly wishlist christmas lingerieClockwise, from top left: Black lace pants, £3.99, GAP, aubergine bra, £22.50 and matching briefs, £12.50, J by Jasper Conran @ Debenhams, red lace bra, £28, suspenders, £20 and briefs, £15, Reger Noir @ Debenhams, black lace retro long-line bra, £9.99, high waisted knickers, £5.99, Kelly Brook for New Look, Charleston black bra, £25, suspenders, £15.50, and briefs, £12.50, Ultimo @ Debenhams, mink balcony bra, £12, matching briefs, £5, BHS, lace body, £14.99, H&M, grey lace trim bra, £24.95, GAP, star print bra, £18.50, pants, £8.50, Iris & Edie @ Debenhams, Suspender cami, £25, matching briefs, £6.50, Floozie by FrostFrench @ Debenhams

Women tend to buy practical day-to-day lingerie for themselves, so selecting something a little more glamorous for a Christmas lingerie gift will no doubt score you top marks. Please note: whilst sexy lingerie is favoured by a lot of women out there, be sure to strike a balance between glamour and comfort, as most women prefer pretty and feminine to overtly sexy.

The style of lingerie that your partner will love will also depend on what she likes and dislikes about her own body. If she loathes her stomach, opt for a sexy yet concealing corset or basque. If she’s proud of her ample bosom, go for an enhancing and uplifting plunge bra. If she likes her bottom, go for a slinky thong.

Once you’ve got her sizes and a feel for what she’ll feel comfortable in, go online to explore what’s available in-store before hitting the shops. This will help erase the initial jitters of heading into a lingerie store for the first time. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Lingerie departments within stores like Debenhams are staffed by professional bra specialists skilled in assisting men with lingerie shopping, so make sure to take advice and guidance from the experts. Even better, if you can escape unnoticed with one of your partner’s bras, this will be a real clue to what kind of lingerie she’ll love and will give consultants a good steer on helping you bag that perfect bra.


Ultimo Adore Moi at Debenhams

Ultimo Adore Moi is the latest collection launched by Michelle Mone OBE’s lingerie company, who have also released findings of a survey they conducted recently on women’s lingerie habits in the UK.

Tiger Lily, in pink and white, Adore Moi

Tiger Lily, in pink and white, Adore Moi

A whopping 85% of women surveyed love to coordinate their lingerie, the survey found, which is great news for the lingerie makers!

Ultimo Adore Moi had a decidedly French-feel to it, and French ladies, according to the Ultimo boss have always matched their undies. But according to the Ultimo survey, we Brits are at last catching up.

Georgia, Adore Moi

Georgia, Adore Moi

Wearing matching lingerie is a fantastic way to start the day, boosting your confidence and making you feel super sexy,” says Michelle.

“I never leave the house unless I’m completely coordinated. French women wouldn’t be seen dead in mismatched lingerie, so it’s great to see women in the UK catching up!”

The new Ultimo Adore Moi lingerie range is as you woud expect, full of pretty bras, briefs, thongs and suspenders, with French inspired names like Delphine and, er, Charleston…we’re not sure about that one. But the set is very pretty.

Delphine, Adore Moi

Delphine, Adore Moi

The new Ultimo Adore Moi collection perfectly captures everything that French lingerie stands for – the best fabrics, exquisite attention to detail and a complete understanding of the female form – with a little bit of the je ne sais quoi factor too!,” says Michelle.

Michelle – who looks pretty great in her underwear, lets face it, matching or not, has shared a few key tips with us on how to get our underwear matching just right.

Tiger Lily white, Adore Moi

Tiger Lily white, Adore Moi

Mastering the art of matching your lingerie every day can be a challenge, but if you follow these three easy steps it should prove a whole lot easier,” says Michelle.

1.     STOCK UP: The general rule is that you should get two to three wears out of your bra before washing. This means that you need a minimum of three matching briefs to see you through, so make sure you always stock up and buy your underwear with a 3:1 brief/bra ratio.

2.    BE WISE WHEN WASHING: when it comes to lingerie, there’s nothing more annoying than opening your underwear drawer to find a selection of mismatched bras and briefs. It’s my pet hate. So, always wash your sets together and hand wash them rather than machine wash. Not only will this ensure they are treated with extra care and attention, but it will prevent any straying thongs.

3.     COLOUR CO-ORDINATE: A very simple and effective approach to lingerie is to colour coordinate, allowing you to interchange your briefs and bras. My advice is to pick two or three colours that you wear most, and stick with those – for example, black, white and leopard print. Of course, with patterns and print you might not always get the perfect match, but if it’s close enough it counts!

Charleston in red...

Charleston in red…

So, there you have it, and your first stop should obviously be at the new Ultimo Adore Moi collection, which launches into Debenhams stores tomorrow (November 19).

Charleston, in black...

Charleston, in black…

The new Ultimo Adore Moi Collection has various designs in briefs, bras, thongs  and suspenders. Prices are £12.50, £25, 10.50 and £15.50 respectively. Available at Debenhams and