Treat yourself on international women’s day

It’s international women’s day today – so we say treat yourself for being a fabulous woman! Indulge in something you love, be it a book, a bunch of flowers, a new dress, a pair of shoes, or a ticket to a movie you love, and celebrate being a woman!

It’s also Mother’s Day this weekend, time to get together with the women in your life – mums,  grans, aunties, godmothers, whoever and have some fun together.

We came across this brilliant video from Boots No7 Creative Director, an celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, on Modern Makeup for the Over 50s. Since it was posted last week it’s had almost 100,000 views, and nearly 1500 comments have been left.

If you love makeup, and there’s another woman in your life who fits into the over 50s group, then why not follow this excellent tutorial, and give her a wonderful Women’s Day or Mother’s Day makeover?