Satchel (or Fatchel) Love

Want to know what’s at the top of my Christmas wishlist? A new bag. But not just any bag, a satchel. But not actually a satchel; more of a ‘Fatchel’!

rhodesian of edinburgh ocean terminalThe brainchild of Edinburgh brand Rhodesian of Edinburgh, it’s a fat satchel. Big enough to fit a camera for all you fashion bloggers out there, wide enough to fit in that big makeup bag, beauty fans, and well, just big enough to take all of your usual handbag junk, women of the world everywhere.

There’s no reason men can’t carry these Fatchels as well, of course. Mother and daughter Katrina and Charlotte run Rhodesian of Edinburgh, named after Charlotte’s treasured puppy Rhodesian, Willow.

Rhodesian of edinburgh willow satchelThey’re all bespoke – you decide on the details. Want a shoulder strap or not? Need a shoulder pad? Embossing or not? But the best bit for me is the colour choice. There are just loads of colours to choose from and you can also go two-tone with you bag if one colour isn’t enough!

two tone rhodesian satchelI am struggling to decide on which colour to choose from. I keep thinking black is a sensible, long-lasting choice. But then I want bright yellow. How do I decide?!

rhodesian satchel clioStyle wise there are seven different designs, from the small but perfectly formed Jasmine, to the roomy Willow.

satchel rhodesian messengerThe Calvin is a slightly different style, and larger, and the Hunter Messenger bag is a different leather.

jasmine satchel rhodesianRhodesian of Edinburgh are one of the brands at the Limited Edition pop-up store in Ocean Terminal just now.

cassi rhodesian satchelThe store will be open until January 31 – plenty of time to decide on what colour of satchel – or shoud we say fatchel – to buy!

rhodesian luca

Prices start at £95. Visit the website at to find out more