MYB Textiles Lace Design Event

Lace. It has lasting appeal; dating way back to Queen Elizabeth 1, in the 16th Century, right up to Kate Middleton’s lace wedding dress in 2011. But it’s not just for Royals, is it. Lace is all-encompassing – one of those fashion fabrics that lends itself to almost everything, and also interiors.

One of the brands in the Limited Edition store are MYB Textiles who create the most beautiful and exquisite lace and madras fabrics in their Ayrshire mills.

MYB textiles lace one

MYB Textiles @ Limited Edition store

But how do you begin designing lace? Well, pop into the Limited Edition store on Friday November 28, and you can find out!

MYB Textiles @ Limited Edition store

MYB Textiles @ Limited Edition store

Margo from MYB will be there between 11am and 3pm, giving a lace design display, and adults and kids can pop in and try to paint a lace draft. How fab is that?

Morton, Young and Borland Ltd was founded in 1900, one of the largest mills in the area creating beautiful lace and madras. MYB was founded as an exclusive manufacturer of what was known as Scottish Leno Gauze weave, later as Scottish Madras.

MYB Textiles @ Limited Edition Store

MYB Textiles @ Limited Edition Store

Madras became a generic term inspired by the product’s wide distribution throughout the city of Madras in India. The production of Nottingham Lace followed, and today MYB Textiles is the only producer in the world manufacturing patterned lace with the original Nottingham Lace Looms, which are over 90 years old.

Tradition and innovation are embraced by the company, and today many of those looms have been modified and are networked to the computers in the design office. The results are truly stunning.

Find MYB and their lovely fabrics in the Limited Edition store, until January 31.

Meanwhile, here are a few of our favourite fashion moments, in lovely lace!

lace ladiesClockwise, from top left: Queen Elizabeth 1, Madonna, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna, Grace Kelly, a young Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton