Friday Fashion Fun – fun phone cover

How much fun is it buying a ridiculous phone cover? It brings out the kid in all of us. So, here’s a few fantastically fun phone covers for you to choose from. Bring the fun back to your phone! (And keep it safe from harm at the same time!)

These phone covers are for iPhones, but there are a great selection of phone covers for all phones in Ocean Terminal at Revive Mobiles, so visit the centre and check them out!

Maybe the gorgeous red lips cover from H&M (£6.99, in store from July) for the beauty fan? For the Hello Kitty obsessive – and we all know one – Claire’s Accessories has the most amazing 3D Pearl Hello Kitty iPhone cover (£25).

Friday Fashion Fun Phone Covers

Cats are the UK’s most popular pet, so it figures there are loads of cat phone covers out there. This cute black and white cat fun phone cover from New look is a bargain at just £4.99. And love Disney, love Minnie Mouse? Check out this fun phone cover from Claire’s Accessories, £10.

Please note that we always endeavour to feature items that are available in Ocean Terminal, however sometimes items featured may be out of stock, and prices may vary due to seasonal reductions