Festival Style – what’s yours?

It’s summer, that means festival season, that means festival style! The daddy of them all, Glastonbury is on this weekend (gates open tomorrow (Wednesday) if you want the full festival experience).

Whilst music is the main priority for most festival goers, there’s obviously festival style to take into consideration. Back inthe days of Woodstock it was maxi dresses, tie dye and the biggest flared jeans around. There wasn’t really a ‘festival style’ – folks just turned up as they were.

But now you have to put a litlte more thought into your festival style. What stage will you be spending more time at? What kind of festival goer are you? Do you love the dance tent? Does indie music float your boat. Do you just hang by the main stage? Or are you an old hippy at heart, and just go where the beat takes you?

When you think festival style,  you think wearing whatever you like. Morph suits, onesies, fancy dress – whatever you want to wear, the festival is one place you can get away with it.

But if you do want some advice – and aren’t that into a Morph suit this summer – here’s our take on four festival fashion looks – all very different.


It’s sort of the classic festival style now, you know how it goes – denim shorts, kimono, vest, bit of jewellery, wellies, and maybe a straw hat thrown in for good measure. Hey, it may not be overly original, but we like it, and it’s easy to wear.

festival fashion main stageClockwise, from top left: floral kimono, £22.99, black floral trimmed kimono, £24.99, both New Look, original Hunter wellies, £85, Schuh, bangles, £5.99, New Look, cami top, £10, BHS, straw hat, £7.99, sandals, £14.99, fringed bag, £29.99, all H&M, denim shorts, £35, JOY


Who’s that hanging around the indie/unsigned tent? Ah, it’s the hipster kid. Oh, we’re just kidding! Who doesn’t love a hipster?! But you will find them trying to find the next big thing, so they can then say they saw them before anyone knew who they were. Hipster girls tend to love a bit of vintage, and the late 1980s/early 1990s Madonna True Blue era look is hitting the spot right now. Think newly named ‘Mom jeans’ (high waisted and sort of baggy), Breton tops, rucksacks and dungarees – skirt or trouser form. Oh, and a jaunty little hat. Perfect hipster festival style.

festival fashion indie tentClockwise, from top left: Striped top, £9.99, bowler style hat, £7.99, “Mom’ jeans, £29.99, all H&M, sandals, £70, Schuh, rucksack, £24.99, New Look, dungaree pinafore, £28, Red Herring @ Debenhams, satchel, £18 (was £36), JOY, polka dot shirt, £17.99, New Look


Festivals are for dancing, partying, eating, drinking, and, yeah, okay, for some, they’re for dancing, dancing, and dancing. Who cares what the weather’s like? We’ll be in the dance tent all day and all night. Solid footwear, short shorts, maybe some leggings, perhaps a tube dress, or a skirt. As long as you can move in it, and keep on dancing, it’s a festival style that works. Oh yeah, and some neon. Glow sticks are also NOT optional.

festival fashion dance tentClockwise, from top left: bleach leggings, £14.99, New Look, neon aviators, £8, Claire’s Accessories, green skirt, £7.99, purple dress, £6.79, both H&M, red Adidas Gazelles, £65, Schuh, denim bra top, neon bangles, £4.50, Claire’s Accessories, £14.99, neon bag, £12.99, shorts, £17.99, tropical print crop top, £9.99, all New Look


Who knows where you’re going – wherever the vibe takes you. Close your eyes and pretend it’s Woodstock. (Maybe not go too near Coldplay and the likes, then…). You love the true, original festival fashion – the hippy 1970s Californian summer of love look. Layer up those maxi dresses, skirts, kimonos, and jewels. And DO NOT forget flowers in your hair….

festival fashion hippyClockwise, from top left: Maxi dress, £80 (was £160), French Connection, hole-cut kimono, £34.99, H&M, floral headband, £12, JOY, patterned fringed kimono, £19.99, New Look, sunglasses, £15, flower bracelet, £9, both JOY, white sandals, £24.99, New Look, straw bag, £24.99, H&M

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