Grace Kelly style

Grace Kelly was the Hollywood starlet who became a real-life Princess when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco. The Alfred Hitchcock muse had her own, effortless, Grace Kelly style, which has transcended time.

This Friday the biopic, Princess Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman is released, and we had eyes on the fashion, of course. The film doesn’t do Grace Kelly style justice, if the truth be told.

With the help of Hitchcock himself, and Hollywood costume designers Edith Head, Helen Rose, and Oleg Cassini, Grace Kelly style became an actual, defined thing. Her cool, icy blonde, charm was carried over into her classic, faultless, elegant wardrobe. Grace Kelly style meant twinsets and pearls, nipped in at the waist flared skirts, shirtwaister dresses, demure styles, pared down colour palettes and simple lines.

According to Mika in his song, Grace Kelly, “all her looks were too sad”. Whilst Princess Grace would never set the fashion heather on fire, we disagree. She had something.

How do you recreate classic Grace Kelly style? It’s actually quite simple, and we think you can do it with just ten key items.


Grace Kelly wore floral capri pants and a white blouse when she met her future husband at Cannes in 1955. Capri pants epitomise Riviera chic, La Dolce Vita, Mediterranean retro glamour. Choose bold prints and florals and match to plain, simple tops.

grace kelly style capri pantsCapri pants, £45, Louche @ JOY


Capri pants, a simple blouse. A pencil skirt and a simple blouse. A full skirt and a simple blouse. Grace Kelly style is easy when you have a simpe, preferably white, blouse in your wardrobe!

grace kelly style blouseBlouse, £35?, JOY


A skirt that is nipped in at the waist, and flares out is the epitome of Grace Kelly style – and all 1950s retro movie star style, come to that. Modernise the look with a denim fabric. Keep it simple for summer in white.

Grace kelly style skirt fullWhite denim fit and flare skirt, £34.99, H&M


Okay, if you really want to do this Grace Kelly style then, then a Hermes Kelly bag is the one you need. But that’s not really likely for most of us is it?! The Kelly bag was originally called the Haut a Courvoie bag, and was first given to Grace Kelly to carry by designer Edith Head. to hide the Princess’s baby bump! Everyone loved it, and the bag was forever known, thereafter, as the Hermes Kelly. Choose a similar boxy, framed style to get the look.

Grace kelly style handbagBag, £29.99, New Look


Grace Kelly – and most women in the 1950s/60s wore dresses a lot. Simple day dress styles, in pale pastel colours worked well. Choose something in sea green – Princess Grace’s favourite colour.

grace kelly style day dressDress, £55, BHS


Prince Rainier gave his wife lots of beautiful jewellery and she adored a Van Cleef & Arpels pearl and diamond set. She became known for wearing pearls. If your budget won’t stretch, there are plenty costume versions out there!

Grace kelly style pearlsPearl earrings and necklace set, £6, Claire’s Accessories


To go with the pearls, it has to be a twinset. Why do so many older ladies love this combination? Think about it…they were young when Princess Grace wore them, and they loved the Grace Kelly style! Team with a full or pencil skirt, or capri pants, or denim for a modern take.

grace kelly style twinsetJumper, £6, cardigan, £10.50, BHS


The pencil skirt, or wiggle skirt looked sexy on Marilyn Monroe, but is rather more demure in the Grace Kelly style of wearing it. Colours were muted, and it was teamed with a matching jacket, or a twinset. A simple linen pencil and shell top is a great structured yet easy summer office look.

grace kelly style pencil skirtLinen pencil skirt, £70, French Connection


Princess Grace attended plenty of Royal engagements which called for beautiful, opulent gowns. She also wore many in Hollywood. Choose a full length gown with embellishment for the Princess look.

grace kelly style  evening gownEvening Gown, £54.99, New Look


To really complete the Grace Kelly style you need something on your head. Grace loved a hat, but she loved headscarves and turbans even more. Search them out in vintage shops, or stick with a straw hat for summertime chic.

grace kelly style hatHat, £12.99, H&M

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