Festival fringe – Weekly Wishlist

Nah, not that one! This one! Fringing to wear to the festivals this summer! It’s still over a month to Edinburgh’s festival fringe, but you can get your own festival fringe ready right now. This fringe trend has been around all year so far, and is showing no signs of going anywhere.

Thanks to the 1970s and new boho vibes that are here,and set to stay into autumn and winter, fringes are not just for your hair in 2015 (or Edinburgh!).

Our festival fringe even includes fringed wellies! How fantastic are these Hunter boots! (£109.99, Schuh). We love, love, love them! If you’re not into wellies, then perhaps a pair of fringed gladiators will make your festival fringe? Gorgeous fringed flats from H&M (£14.99) or perhaps knee high fringed glads from Schuh (£65) are more up your street? Perhaps New Look’s fringed heels (£29.99) are perhaps not perfect festival attire!

Fringing fun weekly wishlistVally of the Dolls cute fringed grey top at JOY (£25) nails this trend for summer, whilst H&M’s burgundy fringed bag (£19.99) will see you right through to Autumn. Claire’s fringed bag (£30) is big, beautiful and beige – perfect for the summer months.

French Connection’s gorgeous fringed dress (£150) will see you through as well – and remember, black looks fantastic in the summer heat as well. A fringed kimono is a bit of a musthave – Influence @ JOY have a lovely bright white one (£30) for summertime.

H&M’s black fringed backpack (£29.99) is perfect for lugging all your festival fringe or summer essentials around with you. Also at H&M, the obligatory fringed jacket, this one is dark grey, faux suede, and perfect for chilly summer nights, and autumn evenings, and is just £29.99.

Finally, we love these cute fringe shorts (£17.99) from New Look – get your festival fringe on now!

Please note that we always endeavour to feature items that are available in Ocean Terminal, however sometimes items featured may be out of stock, and prices may vary due to seasonal reduction

Fringing Fun!

Fringing is having a fashion moment. There is fringing fun to be had all over the shops at the moment – from shoes, to bags, to dresses and jewellery.

It definitely comes from the huge 1970s trend that is everywhere this season. A lot of the fringing fun can be found in hte Coachella range at H&M – you can’t go to Coachella without a fringe or two somewhere!

But fringing fun doesn’t necessarily need to mean you have to go all Woodstock, and act like a true 1970s hippie.

Fringing can still be sophisticated – it’s all about how you wear it. Fringing in tan, neutral tones, and natural fabrics like leather and suede has that 1970s vibe.

fringing fun twoClockwise, from top left: Tan jacket,£tbc, New Look, fringed tassel top, £120, French Connection, fringed cream bag, £40, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson @ Debenhams, cross-body fringed bag, £15.99, New Look, fringed boots, £65, Faith @ Debenhams

But, you can find fringing fun in monochrome as well. H&M’s Coachella range playsuit is too cute. And French Connection’s deep inky-blue-that-looks-black fringed tassel dress is hippy-ish, but adorable.

fringing fun fourClockwise, from top left: Black jacket, £44.99, New Look, fringed playsuit, £24.99, Coachella @ H&M, fringed kaftan dress, £175, French Connection, white cross body bag, £15.99, New Look, fringed croc print bag, £45, Faith @ Debenhams

Fringing works beautifully on holiday. Just looking at JOY’s amazing swimsuit has us dreaming of warmer climes, agreed?

Fab fringing oneClockwise, from top left: Tassel bangle, £15, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson @ Debenhams, kaftan cover-up, £27, Wallis @ Debenhams, fringed swimsuit, £32, JOY, fringed lace crop top, £14.99, Coachella @ H&M, tribal fringed bikini top, £14.99, New Look

If you want to glam up your fringing fun, a body con dress, killer heels and a selection of fringed jewels should work. Oh yeah, and a sumptuous suede bag.

fab fringing threeClockwise, from top left: Pink fringed shoes, £120, Vince Camuto @ Debenhams, fringed ear decorations, £7.99, H&M, teal suede bag, £45, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson, fringed necklace, £19.99, New Look, fringed dress, £7.99, H&M

If you want to keep it simple with fringing, keep it black. One fringed piece can bring an outfit to life. Play it safe with just a bag or shoes, or try a fringed skirt to really stand out.

fringing fun fiveClockwise, from top left: Fringed faux suede jacket, £29.99, beaded waistcoat, £59.99, both H&M, studded fringed bag, £19.99, fringed sandals, £27.99, both New Look, fringed skirt, £14.99, H&M

Please note that we always endeavour to feature items that are available in Ocean Terminal, however sometimes items featured may be out of stock, and prices may vary due to seasonal reduction