Pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars Supercolors

Need a new pair of trainers? You’re in luck! Pharrell Williams has collaborated with Adidas to bring out the happiest range of trainers you’ll find! Get down to Schuh for your Pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars Supercolors – but which colour will you choose!

Adidas Supercolor Pharrell Williams multiWe chose bright, bold, sunny, spring-like yellow! But we wondered, what does our colour choice say about us?

pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars yellowSo, we’ve made up this completely and utterly made-up psychological guide* to what your Pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars Supercolors choice means!

*this info is not based on any real psychological profiling in any way!

Let’s star with Yellow or Blue? Choose the yellow Pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars Supercolors and we reckon you’re as happy as Pharrell could ever sing about – more even. You’re also not afraid of people looking at you; you like to stand out in the crowd! And you pick daffodils in EVERY park you walk through…

Schuh Supercolor Pharrell yellow blueBlue? It’s bright, and bold, but at the same time a more restrained choice. You want to be out there, but you always just play it that wee bit safe. And you’re probably not a foodie – who eats blue food?!

Red or Green? Red is the classic colour for those who want to stand out, but show their strength and power at the same time. And we think it means you like chilli, and hot, spicy food. We’re right, aren’t we?!

adidas pharrell red or greenGreen. Well, you could, of course, be a Celtic or a Hibs fan. Or a rugby team who plays in green, but we don’t know who that is, sorry. Or you could be a vegetarian, or a member of the Green party?

Pale blue or candy pink Pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars Supercolors? Either of these colours, and we reckon you’re a TOWIE fan. You love pastel and baby shades, hair extensions, and little dogs you can dress up.

You’re kind, and considerate, and maybe blonde? Or have an ombre? And you’re a thoroughly lovely person too!

pharrell supercolor pale blue candy pink

Turquoise or orange. Wow. These are out there. Choose orange and we reckon you are a big fan of fruit juice, and probably an outgoing person who is a wee bit warmer, and less demanding than those of you who love red.

pharrell superstars turquoise orangeTurquoise? Ooft, we’re not going to mess up your desk. You’re very organised, and clear-headed, but compassionate and caring at the same time. We think that means you like pets that you can keep in cages. Caring, but keeping the chaos under control. We like your style.

Purple or navy. Let’s face it, navy fans, if you go into Schuh, and choose navy from all of these Pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars Supercolors, then, well, we just can’t be your friend. Unless you are colour blind in some huge way and just couldn’t see the other colours…

Adidas Pharrell Williams navy and purpleIf you choose purple…we like. Artistic, caring, compassionate, kind, and more. And probably regal, and therefore maybe rich, so can we please borrow some money to buy another pair of these amazing Pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars Supercolors!


Pharrell Williams Adidas superstars supercolorAll of these fabulous colours are available in women’s and men’s sizes, and there are kids versions too, with velcro fastenings. We love them.

So, which colour are you?!

Pharrell Williams Adidas Superstars Supercolors, £67, available at Schuh