January Blues style

We’ve got the January blues, and we LOVE it! The January blues style, we mean, not the actual January blues. We faced up to that nonsense and told it to take itself elsewhere.

What is the January blues style? Well, er, blue clothes, obviously… But, also, the attitude required to say ‘hey January, we know you want us to have the blues, but we aren’t just going to give in, we’re going to face up to you head on.’ With our blue clothes.

Well, it’s better than moping around feeling sorry for ourselves, and eating celery, no? So cheer up and join us in not feeling blue, but wearing blue!

Invest in some January blues style with a piece or two from our Weekly Wishlist. Even if it is just a blue-stoned ring (£10) from Principles by Ben de Lisi @ Debenhams, or a new pair of straight jeans (£44.95) from GAP.

Pale pastel blue gives you wintery January blues style – think Elsa in Frozen and just, well, let it go, why don’t you?! She would love H&M’s pastel collarless coat (£49.99).

weekly wishlist january blues styleJanuary is never kind to us with her weather, so we probably need this fun printed Mantaray raincoat @ Debenhams (£35). Make sure you wear a winter warmer under it though – maybe H&M’s fluffy pastel knit (£12.99)? A blue dress is a lovely way to embrace the January blues style – Louche have a deep blue skater dress (£55) at JOY, and coming soon to Debenhams is this Red Herring tunic v-neck number (£25). A navy skirt is a subtle nod to the January blues – team this midi one from New Look (£24.99) with a blue camouflage print T-shirt (£40) from French Connection. Finally, add a lovely blue bag (£15.99, New Look).

Bet you love the January blues as much as we do, now!