Fashion Rules- and how to break them!

It’s Festival and Fringe time in Edinburgh in August, and that means the streets are full of colourful characters who never follow fashion rules! Hats off (or on!) to them. Who made up the fashion rules anyway? One of the best ways to express your personality is through your clothes, so throw away the rule book, and prepare to break all the fashion rules.

We’ve highlighted six of the most common fashion rules – and explained why these rules are definitely made to be broken!

1. Black and navy should never be worn together.

Who came up with this one? Not anyone who wore dark jeans with a black t-shirt, that’s for sure. One of the oldest fashion rules around, we think this deserves to be broken every day of the week – navy and black perfectly complement each other. You just have to wear it like you mean it, and it doesn’t look like you’ve just picked up the wrong items in the dark before heading out to work!

Fashion rules navy and blackWHERE TO BUY l-r; black and blue dress, £90, Edition by Jonathan Saunders @ Debenhams, blue and black top, £22, BHS, navy coat with back panel detail, £54.99, New Look, navy dark denim skirt, £19.99, New Look

2. Always match your shoes and handbag

Er, maybe in 1953, not 2013! This is one rule that really should not exist any more, and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, educate them. Clash colours, mix up patterns, textures and fabrics. Try and pick out a tonal contrast in each item, if you really can’t do a red bag, and bright blue shoes. But leave those matching sets in the vintage shop, please!

Fashion rules match shoes and handbagsWHERE TO BUY l-r; Red platform shoes, £58, Schuh, mock croc chain bag, £19.99, New Look, Metallic peep toe sandals, £95, French Connection, horses print clutch, £85, French Connection

3. Don’t clash patterns and prints

Oh yeah? Why not. All the designers are doing it. Polka dots and leopard print? Yes! Mix your patterns and prints, and be bold about it. This is one for the fashion brave – don’t do this if you are shy – people will stare. But if you can pull it off, walk tall in the boldest of patterns teamed with stripes, spots, squares, diamonds, or any print you like!

Fashion rules prints and patternsWHERE TO BUY l-r; Paisley pattern top, £28, BHS, diamond pattern trousers, £19.99, New Look, leopard print skirt, £26, BHS, polka dot top, £15 (was £30), Wallis @ BHS

4. Red and green should never be seen…

…blah, blah, blah. Okay, if you wear head to toe red and bright emerald green you may be in danger of looking like one of Santa’s little helpers, but when it comes to daft fashion rules, this is one of them. Red and green make a bold statement, and if you tone the green down to a khaki, even better, if you don’t fancy full-on colour blocking. Also, try a green top, a pair of jeans, and a pair of red shoes – you will surprise yourself!

Fashion Rules red and greenWHERE TO BUY l-r; Slouchy sweater, £7.99, H&M, khaki cords, £24.99, H&M, red Dainty Converse, £42, Schuh, green T-shirt, £5, Dorothy Perkins @ BHS

5. Never wear sparkle or glitter in the daytime

What?Where’s the fun in that? Sparkle, shimmer and glitter are staples of party-wear, but who’s to say you can’t shine during the day as well. Just be subtle with it if it scares you – a little bit of glitter wool in a hat, a sequin jumper with some jeans, or a simple bejewelled dress, dressed down with black tights and trainers? Why not?

Fashion rules daytime sparkleWHERE TO BUY l-r; Sparkle black jumper, £50, Edition by Jonathan Saunders @ Debenhams, lurex knit sparkle bobble hat, £4.99, New Look, jewelled dress, £14.99, H&M, jewel detail bow top, £28, Dorothy Perkins @ BHS

6. Never wear tight with open toe shoes or sandals

Oh come on! In Scotland?! Never wear bare legs! There is nothing wrong with open toe sandals and tights – just maybe not American tan ‘nude’ tights with that awful toe seam. Make a statement with a bold pair of coloured shoes, and some contrasting tights. Mix lace tights with fierce sandals. And what about those open toe boots – mmm, we’re still debating those, if we are honest…

Fashion Rules tights and open toe shoesWHERE TO BUY l-r; Metallic detail sandals, £34.99, New Look, lace tights, £9.99, H&M, open to boots, £44.99, New Look, polka dot tights, £6.99, H&M

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