Obscure Couture Installation

If you visit the Limited Edition store at Ocean Terminal you can’t fail to notice the amazing Obscure Couture installation now taking pride of place at the front of the pop-up shop.

Created by photographer Anna Isola Crolla, the installation features some amazing pieces from Glasgow design house Obscure Couture, one of the 21 designers showcasing their work in the Limited Edition store.

obscure couture installation two

Theses pieces – including the long, voluminous, Dephinium  ballgown skirt, and the Narcissus skirt – were created originally for Edinburgh-based online fashion magazine, Crave, and are available to buy  –  but make sure you have a few thousand pounds spare!

The Delphinium skirt features a 2.5 metre train, is a made-to-measure piece, with 29 metres of printed duchess satin, a fully lined skirt, and filly boned corset top with heavy-duty interfacing and 20 eyelets. It took three seamstresses a total of 48 hours to make – with the aid of seven strong cappuccinos!

It features flowers, insects, gems and jewels, and is truly beautiful. The Narcissus layered skirt, which creates the peplum, is a  made-to-measure piece created from 33 metres of exclusive printed duchess satin and gold foil, with a gold bow closure.

Each layer is fully lined and faced with 20m of heavy-duty interfacing, and took five seamstresses 48 hours to make. Two seamstresses alone had to feed the skirt through the sewing machine and 16 hours were needed to cut the fabric, and there were four hours of hand-sewing. The team was powered through two bleeding fingers by 26 strong cappuccino!

Anna’s installation featuring these pieces was inspired by Tim Burton, as she explains: ” I wanted to create something that refleted the nature element of the dress design, with the insects and flowers in the fabric.

obscure couture installation one

“I was inspired by Tim Burton movies, and wanted the dress to feel as though it were wrapped around, part of, if you like, a living tree.

“I used the curly willow with lights, in white, to reflect the time of year, the natural tree elements, and to create what I hope is an eye-catching installation.”

If you want to buy the pieces, visit Crave or Obscure Couture for more information. If not, pop in to the Limited Edition shot just to gaze at their beauty!

St Andrew’s Day Style – Weekly Wishlist

So, it’s St Andrew’s Day this weekend – Sunday November 30. How are you going to celebrate the day of Scotland’s patron saint? With a dinner of haggis, neeps and tatties? Singing Scotland the Brave? What’s your St Andrew’s day style? Tartan?!

Okay, okay, it’s really predictable, and we Scots rarely wear tartan, blah blah. Actually, tartan is really nice. Or fashion’s take on tartan anyway. Which is regularly called plaid. And is nothing like real tartan really.

But well, we’re sticking with our take on St Andrew’s Day style for this week’s Weekly Wishlist. Tartan, plaid, check, whatever – you get our drift?

Now, I know where I will be this Sunday evening – on the couch, with a good old cup of tea and maybe a Tunnock’s caramel wafer or two. And how could I make that more Scottish? In a pair of fab tartan satin pyjamas from BHS (£25). That’s St Andrew’s Day style! Maybe a pair of tartan baffies too – that’s Scots for slippers, in case you didn’t know. Iris & Edie have a lovely cosy pair at Debenhams (£17.50).

St Andrew's Day StyleGAP’s plaid nightie (24.95) is cute, but won’t keep you warm. However, New Look’s gorgeous deep red tartan boyfriend coat (£39.99) will beat the chill. A great favourite, and a simple way to add a bit of St Andrew’s Day style is with a scarf. We love this bold red one from JOY (£18). Also at JOY, how fantastic is this green and red tartan print pencil skirt? (£39).

If your St Andrew’s Day style is a little more subtle, guys, maybe this grey tartan style T-shirt (£12.99) from New Look is for you? Or a simple tartan tie? (£20, Debenhams).

If full-on tartan isn’t your style, girls, then New Look’s plaid/check skirt (£14.99) will give you St Andrew’s Day Style, subtly. Finally, it’s the day before December, so you might need some gloves, like a lovely red tartan pair from BHS (£9).

Please note that we always endeavour to feature items that are available in Ocean Terminal, however sometimes items featured may be out of stock, and prices may vary due to seasonal reduction