Something To Say?

Something to say? Then get it off your chest, by wearing it ON your chest with one of these fab slogan tops. Amelie Mauresmo, Andy Murray’s coach is telling it how it is at Wimbledon today with ‘Make Your Own Luck’ emblazoned on her chest. Go Amelie!

Oh, and we’ve included a towel and a couple of bags – just because we can!

Let’s start at the start – literally. With, literally, the most over-used – and misused word of the moment, Literally drives us mad. Wear it on your T-shirt (£12.99, New Look) in an ironic way, or not at all. You may have something to say, literally.

literally New LookFame – who doesn’t want it these days? Well, we’re not that keen, but we rather like this pretty embroidered white on black Tee from French Connection (£35).

FC Fame tshirtIf you just don’t care, and let’s face it we all feel like this sometimes, and you have something to say about it, then say it loud and proud on this sweater from H&M (£12.99).

Just Dont CareThis beach towel looks great at first glance. But then we noticed the glaring mistake. That apostrophe! No! Here comes the sun doesn’t need one. Shame on you BHS. Is that why this towel is down from £20 to £10?! If you have something to say, then please, spell it correctly!

Something to say beach towelIf you are young and wild, then here’s the very vest for you (£7.99, H&M). If you’re wild, but not young, perhaps give this one a miss. And if you’re young, but not wild, be careful…!

young and wild H&M vestPow! We love this pop art inspired clutch from New Look’s Autumn Winter 15 range – look out for this, and a few others like it coming soon!

Something to say POW bagYep, we’ve all written it, haven’t we? WTF? Sometimes it’s all there is to say. Wear this on one of those days! Desires Tee, £7.50, was £18, JOY.

JOY WTF tshirtWelcome to Paradise, and well done BHS on getting this beach bag slogan right! It’s a great big bag, and it’s in the sale (£12.60, was £18). But make sure you are somewhere worthy of the ‘paradise’ tag when you carry it, right?

BHS beach bagAh yes, Fluent in Sarcasm. That’s us. We like this one! Just make sure you have the sarcastic wit to go with this sartorial declaration! (£12.99, New Look).

Fluent in Sarcasm teeHopes and dreams. We’ve all got them. Or had them. Or want them. So, wear them! £18, was £25, French Connection.

hopes and dreams teeHmmm. We wonder what Nirvana frontman, the late Kurt Cobain, would have made of a quote of his adorning a women’s vest top in H&M (£12.99)? Whatever, it’s a pretty decent quote to live by, we think.

H&M Kurt Cobain vestLast by not least, Live Young. At first we didn’t really get this one. But then we thought about it, and yes, we think we should all live young, agreed? Get to French Connection (£45) then and spread the word on your Tee!