Love Your Clothes Event

Do you love your clothes? But, like, really love your clothes? Yes, yes, it all very well loving clothes, but we’re talking about loving YOUR clothes. Engaging with them. Learning how to love them for longer than one season. Learning how to love your clothes for a long, long time. How to give those clothes the best in life, from when they’re shiny and brand new, until they’re well, a wee bit worn and bobbled.

Need some help? Fear not.

In conjunction with Zero Waste Scotland, and fashion bloggers Betty and Bee, there’s going to be a fantastic Love Your Clothes event in the Ocean Terminal Limited Edition store next week (on Thursday January 22),  where you can learn all about really loving your clothes.

love your clothes betty and bee

Fashion bloggers, Betty (orange) and Bee (blue) !

Lynn Wilson from Zero Waste Scotland, will share with you the importance of investing in quality and design when buying. Quality design that lasts longer, remains covetable, and is something you will want to love, keep, share or pass on. Lovely designs just like those showcased by the designers in the Limited Edition store, of course.

You will have the chance to shop on the night, and the fun doesn’t end there. Fashion bloggers Betty and Bee – check them out at and – will be there to chat all things clothes. These girls love quality designs, limited edition trends, and also breathing new life into vintage pieces.

“Loving our clothes has always come easy to us, as seasoned bargain hunters and lovers of shopping local. We’re strong believers in shopping smart and making the most of our wardrobe – be that borrowing bits from one another, finding new ways to wear or customising older pieces to give them a refresh,” said Claire, the Bee half of Betty and Bee.

“From vintage rails to sample sales, we’re always on the hunt for quality pieces that we’ll love for years to come, and we can’t wait to share our tips and tricks at this event in the fab Limited Edition store.”

Oh, and of course, there will be fizz on offer, and plenty of shopping time. If you want to attend this event, then you have to email, and she will book you in. The event will run from 6pm to 8pm, Thursday January 22. The Limited Edition store closes on January 31, so this is a great way to see it if you haven’t already.

This is an exclusive event, with around 50 places ony available, so get emailing now!

For more information on Zero Waste Scotland, visit them at