The Slip Dress

Back in the 1990s the slip dress was king. All the Britpop women were wearing them, from Meg Matthews to Patsy Kensit and the Spice Girls; Posh loved a slip dress.

They’re not for everyone, not being the most forgiving of dresses, but they are on-trend again, as part of this year’s 90s revival, and they will stay with us through to autumn.

So, if you want to be ahead, get a slip dress, and get on with it. Team your slip with chunky sandals for a pared down look, strappy sandals for a more dressed up take on it, or even chunky boots for a true 90s look. Throw on a denim or leather jacket, and rock the simplest of dresses.

Here’s our top ten.

A slip dress can be any length from short, to midi, to maxi. This white lace and silk maxi version from French Connection (£160) looks like a peignor or nightdress, right? Perfect! That’s exactly the look we’re going for. Wear flats and a denim jacket with this for a casual cool look.

French Conection maxi slip dress

Debenhams‘ Red Herring tribal printed slip dress (£45)  is perfect day or night, dressed up, or dressed down.

Debenhams Red Herring maxi slip dress

New Look’s simple stripe slip dress (£24.99) is candy cute for summer – it’s sort of midi-length so would look fab with simple strappy sandals, low or high.

New Look stripe slip dress

H&M’s beige lace slip dress (£29.99) is another that looks like nightwear or lingerie, and is therefore absolutely perfect. keep your accessories simple and neutral with this, and your hair and makeup understated in a perfectly 90s way.

H&M lace slip dress

H! by Henry Holland’s slip dress at Debenhams (£35) has a crossover back strap and a crackled pattern. Bold red lips, strappy shoes and a clutch, and slicked back hair will show this dress of to its very best.

Debenhams H by Henry Holland slip dress

New Look’s pale pink slip (£17.99) is utterly simple – there’s nothing much to this dress, and it needs nothing much with it to show it off perfectly. Remember that less is always more when it comes to accessorizing slip dresses.

New Look Slip Dress pink

JOY’s bold emerald green short slip (£25, was £35) is perfect summer evening wear. Add heels and a bold smile and big attitude!

JOY green slip dress

H&M’s v-neck version (£39.99) in black is the perfect LBD slip dress. Team with black accessories and a bold lip or eye for a perfect look.

Black v neck slip dress

Angeleye Dreedom @ JOY’s ruffle detail slip (£32) takes a simple form and adds something to lift it and make it a bit more fun.

Red Ruffle JOY slip dress

Finally, and perfect for summer and right through autumn and winter, it’s New Look’s gold metallic simple slip dress (£27.99).

New Look metallic slip dress

90s fashion tribute for Friends 20th anniversary

It’s the 20th Anniversary of Friends today! Twenty years since Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey entered our lives. We LOVED this show – and still do. So, we are paying tribute to the show in a fashion sense, by having a look at 90s fashion.

What on earth was going on in the early 90s? Hey, I was there. Cargo pants. Long skirts with splits, layered hair (yep, that’s ‘the Rachel’, everyone!). Tight, weird turtlenecks in stretchy fabrics. Crop tops. Chunky shoes. ‘Mom’ jeans. And I am just describing my own wardrobe here!

We found this funny piece  from the Telegraph on Friends fashion – a list of 20 Friends fashion highs and lows. Too funny.

So, are there aspects of Friends fashion – and more to the point 90s fashion – that we still love today. This year there seems to have been a bit of a 1990s love-in in the fashion world with countless bits and bobs from the decade popping up – backpacks, ripped jeans, high waists.

Here’s a few 90s fashion items and how to wear them now. (And also, how, maybe, not wearing some of them still works best!)


friends fashion 90s fashion butterfuly clipsYep, you read that right. Remember butterfly clips? I have a drawer full of them. Sadly, thankfully, they aren’t around anymore, so condole yourself with some pretty actual butterfly clips from Claire’s (£4). Scrunchies are practical – and really, really not that cool. But sometimes that means they are UBER cool? Confused? Well, it is fashion. Pick some up at Claire’s (£3 for two).


friends fashion 90s fashion dungarees

Dungarees have been around since spring this year, and are here to stay. Go retro with ripped, loose baggy, 90s style dungarees (£29.00) or mix it up with a dark blue skinny version (£26.99). Both from New Look. We like dungarees, but watch your shape here – they aren’t overly flattering for everyone.


friends fashion 90s fashion skortWhen I was a twentysomething in the 90s, I wanted short, short skirts. To preserve my dignity and that of my fellow mini skirt lovers, the skort was invented. Essentially shorts with a skirt bit at the front, it’s comfy and smart. Yay, we like this one! Channel your inner Cher from Clueless (more on her later) with this season’s on-trend plaid pattern, like these from New Look (£17.99, each)


friends fashion 90s fashion jelly shoesI’m seeing these everywhere on the bloggersphere (and I bought a pair!). I’m not sure if this really started in the 1980s, but they’re still here, and are big again. And really comfy. But maybe not overly practical when winter really kicks in. These purple ones from Juju @ Schuh (£9.99) have a chunky heel – now that’s a 90s addition!


friends fashion 90s fashion hip hopAh, right, yes, so probably called street style, or urban style now, but back in the 1990s I was channeling my inner Neneh Cherry with hi-tops, dollar and Africa pendants, tight tube dresses, caps and crazy prints. Look at this H&M image? This is fly. Or something. Quilted lion print jacket and matching skirt?! (£29.99 & £19.99). It deserves applause. I love it. Many may not.


friends fashion 90s fashion bandanaHugely versatile, say Claire’s – wear on the head, neck or arm. I had to look at this through my fingers. I wore these on my head in the most utterly uncool way ever in the 90s. Don’t make the same mistake. If you want to wear it, follow Claire’s advice, not mine. Bandana, £4.50


friends fashion 90s fashion cluelessIf you need educated on 1990s style, watch 1995’s Clueless. Amazingly a reworking of Jane Austen’s 1816 book, Emma, Cher and her friends’ escapades were at times secondary to the amazing clothes. Want to go a little bit Cher? Go matchy matchy – jacket and skirt, check. Well, okay, maybe not always…floral’s good too! This gorgeous combo is from JOY. (£69 & £39)


friends fashion 90s fashion jeans

Back this year, and now called ‘mom jeans’ these sortof high-waisted baggier jeans, tapered at the bottom are a classic 1990s style. Ours were Levi 501’s a lot of the time. They are actually quite flattering. Try them. Hugely flattering (make your legs look long) and THE only cut to wear for years, it seems, were bootcut. And they are back. You can still get them. I just can’t do it. It seems so wrong. What about you? Mom jeans, £29.99, H&M, bootcut jeans, £20, BHS

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