Friday 13th Lucky Friday Fashion Fun!

It’s Friday 13th! Don’t walk under ladders, avoid lone magpies at all costs and get your self some Friday 13th Lucky fashion! You can counter the bad vibes of this day with cats, clover and well, cats and clover will do for starters.

Don’t waste time hunting for a four-leafed clover – just pick up this cute little necklace (£4.50) from Claire’s Accessories to make Friday 13th lucky, and not unlucky.

Friday 13th - be lucky

Cats are always a good thing – black cats are lucky – we won’t listen to anyone who says the opposite. So, grab a jumper with two on from Debenhams (£32) or a long-sleeved t-shirt from H&M (£14.99) with one big old cat face emblazoned on it, or tale things that one step further with a bowler hat with cat ears. Yes, that’s a bowler hat with cat ears. From New Look for £14.99 – you know you want it!

And if that’s all a bit much, how about these cute black cats dangling from your ears? £4.50 from Claire’s. All of these things should make Friday 13th lucky. And they look fab too. Well, okay, maybe the cat-ear bowler is a bit mad…even for me!

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