Lovely lace

Lovely lace. Such a pretty fabric, and so versatile. One of our favourite brands in the Limited Edition store at Ocean Terminal is MYB Textiles.

MYB textiles lace oneAyrshire-based textile company, MYB Textiles creates the most beautiful and exquisite  and lovely lace and madras fabrics. Morton, Young and Borland Ltd was founded in 1900, one of the largest mills in the area creating beautiful lace and madras. Today MYB Textiles is the only producer in the world manufacturing patterned lace with the original Nottingham Lace Looms, which are over 90 years old.

Tradition and innovation are embraced by the company, and today many of those looms have been modified and are networked to the computers in the design office. MYB Textiles works with loads of fabulous designers who can’t get enough of their lovely lace.

“Judy R Clark, Iona Crawford, Minna Hepburn, Hobbs of London, Crikey Aphrodite, Mairi McDonald and Flossy & Dossy are just some of the names who buy our lace for their fashions and wedding dresses,” says Margo from MYB.

“And William Chambers, who uses our lace, and our roller-blind fabric in his wonderful hats.”

Glasgow-based milliner, Chambers, has used some lovely lace in his SS15 collection, as you can see from our images.

william chambers lace myb textiles hats

If you want some luxury lace in your life, then January is the last month of our designer pop-up shop full of fab Scottish brands, and there are, of course, some January reductions.  MYB Textiles have a 35% discount in store just now on tablecovers and runners.

Visit them now for the next few weeks, in the Limited Edition Scotland Re:Designed pop-up store.


Kennett Watches Event in Limited Edition

Taking that phone out of your pocket or bag to tell the time? STOP IT! It’s high time you went old school again and got yourself a watch!

ot-kennettwatches-main-610x356Kennett Watches are one of the 21 designers in the Limited Edition Scotland Re:Designed pop-up store at Ocean Terminal, and this Thursday evening, from 5-8pm they are having a wee event in store – fizz and 20% off all purchases. Nice!

What better time to start telling the time properly again, we say! We found this fun article on the Huffington Post, with plenty of great reasons for wearing watches!

Kennett Watches was founded by Tom Kennett in 2009 when he decided to make his dad a watch for his birthday. What a son! His dad was the first wearer of a Kennett watch, but he’s since been joined by everyone from Coolio to Ian Wright, Idris Elba to Gerard Butler.

You can join them with a Kennett Watches timepiece; they do men and women’s watches. Visit them at for more info, and come into the store and meet the team this Thursday night.