The Bucket Bag

The bucket bag. That’s a fashion microtrend that crept up on us, agreed? Last seen around the mid 1990s, the bucket bag has always been there, but hasn’t always been it!

Have you really thought about a bucket bag lately? No, we thought not. If you said yes, you’re a big fat liar (kidding!) or a trend-spotter for a job. Bucket bags are one of those trends that are stealth-like, almost silent, just creep up on you. Not like leopard print, which is always there, or jumpsuits, whcih have almost become a staple, not a trend.

Obviously the bag was created in some shape and form long before Louis Vuitton brought out their Noe version in 1932, and sort of claimed it, but we’re not going to give a huge fashion history lesson today, just a little one!

So, here’s a short video Louis Vuitton made in 2013 to celebrate their bucket bag, which was, actually, created to carry champagne – five bottles in total, four bottom down, one bottom up.

It’s easy to see why the bucket bag is popular – you can get a lot in there, and you just need to sling it over your shoulder and go. Perhaps not the safest of fastenings, right enough, but well, who ever zip shuts a bag these days? Just keep it with you.

The simplicity of this bag shape has been loved by celebrities for decades, from Marilyn Monroe to Alexa Chung (of course!)

It is often referred to as a duffle bag – not entirely sure why – that’s fashion history research for another time, okay?

So, here are a few of our faves available in Ocean Terminal right now!

GAP’s cute bucket bag (£59.95)is fantastic in snakeskin – and it comes in a whole host of fab colours too, including red and bright cobalt blue.

GAP snake print bucket bagFrench Connection’s Athena duffle bag (£75) is a little bit safer, but just as stylish.

French Connection Athena Bucket Bag


New Look has some fantastic bucket bags – this cute two tone blue bag is just £10 in the sale now, reduced from £24.99.


New Look two tone bucket bagOr maybe this embellished, ethnic style is more your thing? It’s £17.99 at New Look.

New Look embellished bucket bagH&M’s beige/peach toned bucket bag (£19.99) isn’t leather, but is a cute and affordable way into this microtrend.

H&M bucket bag


A striped bucket bag is perfect for summer, and covers your nautical trend at the same time – here’s the Southampton bag from JOY – just £20, reduced from £39.99.


JOY bucket bag


BHS has a simple, classic canvas bucket bag (£16.10), perfect for any weekend.


BHS bucket bag

Back at New Look again, if bold is your thing, you will love their bright acid lime bucket bag with zips (£15.99)

New Look lime bucket bagWhite Stuff’s colourblock duffel bag (£69.95) is pretty chic, agreed? But if you prefer black, it also comes in it.

White Stuff bucket bagFinally, a mini bucket bag from Faith @ Debenhams (£45) in black mock croc with uber-fringing – kinds of looks like a spider to us, but, hey, each to their own!

Faith Debenhams mini fringed bucket bag

Please note that we always endeavour to feature items that are available in Ocean Terminal, however sometimes items featured may be out of stock, and prices may vary due to seasonal reduction


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