A-Z Spring Summer Trends – Part Two

Fashion. It’s great, but it’s a bit confusing at times. Don’t wear bootcut jeans, do wear them. Mini skirt, midi skirt, maxi skirt. Bright colours, pastel shades, monochrome. It’s always changing, and it is hard to keep up. So, we’re being very helpful on this blog and bringing  you the A-Z Spring Summer Trends – in four handy parts!

Yesterday we brought you A-G, today it’s H-M…

H is for Head-to-toe

A-z spring trends H

We told you about this trend before – matchy-matchy, head-to-toe, whatever you call it, just make sure everything matches – like this bomber jacket (one of yesterdays trends in our trend alphabet), top and skirt combo in florals (yep, there’s another one covered right there!) from Red Herring @ Debenhams. Fabulous.

I is for Item Pencil

a-z spring trends I

What, we hear you cry? Well, we’re calling this the ‘Item Pencil’ because it’s all about wearing your pencil skirt as your statement piece. So no black skirts here! Think bold and bright, lace, embellished, or big bright florals like this one from BHS (£22). The pencil skirt IS the outfit in this trend, got it? Good.

J is for Jumpsuits

A-z spring trends J

They’re really not going away, jumpsuits, are they? They’ve been in the trend alphabet for the last few years, and they are holding on to their place! Wide-legged, tapered legged, smart, dressy or casual, there are jumpsuits for everything. We love this casual 80s style disco jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins @ BHS – add a pair of gold heels, big hair and a clutch and you’re good to go.

K is for Knitwear

A-z spring trends K

Knitwear a trend, we hear you say? Well, er, yes, actually. Carrying on from the Christmas jumper pehnomenon, we’ve all gone a bit jumper mad. Jumpers with things on them that is. And if you are going to put something on a jumper, what better than a Unicorn? THis fabulous knit is from Louche @ JOY (£45). Someone please buy us it.

L is for Lace

A-z spring trends L

Lace is on trend again this season, after being quite on trend for AW13 as well. But best to leave the black lace to the winter months, and embrace white lace. But not too much, or you may look like a bride who is lost. And never wear white lace to a wedding, unless you are the bride. This lovely pastel dress with white overlay from New Look (£27.99) is a perfect exmple of how to to L in the trend alphabet well.

M is for Metallic

A-z spring trends M

We told you about this spring summer’s metallic trend on the blog earlier this year. It’s filtering into the stores slowly but surely, and one perfect way to embrace it is with accessories. This gold straw bag from New Look (£12.99) is marvellous. Buy it right now. You will not regret it.

Log on next week for our third and fourth parts of this fab trend alphabet, covering N-T and U-Z

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